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It was actually pretty good. I did not have much hope for this show.

I am a HUGE Teenage Mutant ninja Turtles fan. I mean I grew up with the original cartoon and it was the greatest cartoon ever back then. My older brother was a comic book collector and he had the original comic so when I was a little older I started enjoying that and loved them. Then the movies came out xd the first two were great and the third one was a disappointment.

Then flash forward to 2003 I was older my tastes in cartoons matured and I gave the new Turtles a chance. It quickly became one of my all time favorite cartoons. I still like the 1987 cartoon but as I got older I found that show to be too cheesy. I wanted a cartoon closer to the original comics and I got that with TMNT 2003. The show was not perfect but it ended up on a high note, honestly if I never saw another TMNT cartoon after Turtles Forever I would not be disappointed.

I had lots of fears for this new Turtles cartoon. I don't have much faith in current Nick and the people making the show seem to believe the 1987 turtles is the only version. I was afraid this show would be too much like that show and end up as a cheap imitation. What I was hoping for was a balance between the 87 turtles and the 2003 turtles. For the show to have equal focus on comedy and action and to do both well.

I am pleased to say that's exactly what I got. Now I would say that the show is no where near as good as 2003 was and even the 87 series is better during the early seasons but the first two episodes were very strong and if the show will at least be fun. Though I will say this the Turtle's origin sucks in this show, it's always been a silly origin but it's just a mess here. Splinter's personal backstory is great though.

As a Turtles fan I am pleased to say that the mean green team has scored another hit.
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I'm still unsure of it. There are aspects of the premier that I really enjoyed and then there were others that I thought were honestly just awful.

My main problem with the show is the heavy, in-your-face stylization, it really just doesn't fit in with CG animation. If it were a little more refined or even used more sparingly I wouldn't have a problem but as is I'm just not a fan. I could go into way more detail about the stylization but I thought for the sake of convenience I'd just keep it broad. Also not loving how painfully stupid they've made Mikey. No, he's never been known for his smarts but at least before he could occasionally be witty. Now the only time he's funny is when he does something dumb. Oh, and Master Splinter's design is just plain terrible. And lastly, the Krang's dialogue was incredibly painful, confusing, and annoying to listen to.

Now on to things I did like: Giving Leo more of a motivation for being the leader and not treating it as much like a burden of responsibility. I wouldn't mind if he eventually learns the weight of that responsibility but I like seeing that he has a true desire, and passion for it in the beginning. Even if his reasoning is a bit cheesy.

Also really liking this take on Raph. I like that he doesn't have the deep voice or the accent in this version. I love that he can beat Leo in a fight. The bit with his pet turtle was adorable. I like that he gets annoyed by all of his brothers and not just Leo and Mikey. Enjoying how, at least at first here, he seems more young and brash rather than just being angry all the time.

And we finally get to Donnie. Donatello has always been my favorite turtle, I would even argue that he's my favorite character from anything in the whole world, so I was set to be the most critical of him. Especially after seeing the previews and being worried that his voice would remind me too much of OT Raph. But I was surprised, while the voice does sound quite similar, the characterization was such that it didn't evoke too much of Raph. I also was a little worried about Donny's crush on April...I've never really been a huge fan of Turtle/Human ships so it didn't sound like such an appealing idea to me but after seeing the first two episodes I've come to the conclusion that his hapless crush is really freaking adorable.

EDIT: Forgot a couple of things.

I also liked how naiive the turtles were about the outside world, it helped to make them really seem a lot younger than previous incarnations. Although I am a bit perplexed as to how they have a TV but didn't know what pizza was. I think a better choice would have been to have them be all excited that they finally get to try it after having seen it on TV commercials for so many years.

One other thing that I loved is that they don't start off as a team. Being trained as indivuduals makes sense and gives them an excuse to be a bit bumbling and inept for the first few episodes. It also gives room for noticeable improvement in the future. Its also kind of a refereshing take...In other incarnations, we've seen the guys stumble a bit when faced with new challenges but I don't think we've ever seen them be quite this...well, green before (pardon the pun).

Oh, also am I the only one who is hoping that
When Master Splinter said that he lost his daughter, he didn't mean that she was killed but that Shredder took her from him, and that she'll show up later on in the show as Karai? Cause that'd be pretty sweet, especially since I love Karai!
I think that too about your spoiler that is.

My guess The fire that was caused during Shredder and Splinter's fight, Yoshi ran out unable to save his wife and child and expected the worst. When the fire was over he found his wife but Shredder and his daughters body were never found, all three were pronounced dead. Miru (is that right) was raised as Shredder's daughter and named Karai.

I like this series Mikey. I was really expecting to hate him, Mikey is the most annoying turtle and well given his voice actor I was expecting him to channel beastboy from Teen Titans. Luckily he was not that bad.

What I really like is that Leo and Raph are much closer in strength in this series then in others. In most Raph is stronger but Leo is more disciplined and the better fighter, here their skills are pretty equal and Raph maybe even has the edge on Leo due to being stronger.

I love Rob Pulson and he is great as Donnie but yeah because he was Raph in the original cartoon I keep hearing that voice every time Donnie speaks. However the voice really works for a nerd and Donnie's crush on April is very "adorkable" I know it won't go anywhere since soon she will probably get a crush on a bad boy in a hockey mask but it's fun. I wounder if it's a jab to the Donnie/April shippers that formed during the 2003 series?

I hope that the first two episodes are an indication that the rest of the series will be solid. Though it looks like this series will have a TON of mutants, any human stupid enough to work for the Utrom (I refuse to call them the Kraang they are utrom) will be mutated just ask Snakeweed. I prefer a very limited number of mutants, The Turtles, Splinter, and Leatherhead.
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I dunno, I just don't think I'll be able to get behind how stupid he seems to be in this version, even if he does seem to have some genuinely likable moments. I'm also dissapointed that he seems to be the one turtle that isn't bringing anything new to the table so far. That could change in future episodes but if he stays the way he is now he'll probably end up being my least favorite.
Show Score: 4/5

One thing I did love was as said
the lack of known knowledge of the
outside world for the young Ninja's, its
sort of like going to school for the first
time! All new things to learn and grow up. This
gives us a chance to watch the turtles grow up
and a deeper insight maybe on each of them.

Watching Leo turn into a leader is going to be nice with
Donnie wigging out on the tech and Raph well being Raph but
not with the temper we know him for but I hope we do in a
few eps. As for Mike, hes well maybe the most "teenager" of all
the turtles!

Style: I'm still a little iffy on the CGness of this cartoons but it
seems to be working out, some of the movement of the fights
were a bit blurred but so far ok. Also side note: Having April same age
as the ninjas, LOVEING IT!
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My cousin and I enjoyed it and watched it the whole weekend. I actually can say for the first time ever I like Leo. He seems less of a jerk this time around and it nice seeing them all start off naive and fresh this time. I don't mind "chibi April" either.
I don't like the idea of April (and probably Casey when he appears) being teenagers but I can deal with it. Of course the Utrom (I refuse to call them the Kraang) having April's father gives her a reason to work with the Turtles so I'm fine with it.

I hope Nick does not screw this show over. They tend to screw over every show not staring a yellow sponge who lives under the sea.
I finally got around to watching the premier and I enjoyed it. I've enoyed the franchise in all is forms forms (and ever single one of them has their silly moments) and I actually get the impression this might be a good fusion of them.

I don't even mind the animation style aside from Splinters design it is oddly a bit too realistically proportioned for me. I'd have rather had a more stylized Rat like the other versions. Plus the fact he's taller than the Turtles really bugs me for purely sentimental reasons. I liked him being shorter than them.
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I luv luv luved it!!!! I watched the premier on Sat and saw the one time preview of the first half of the show the night before I think that all the turtles r ADORKABLE!!! btw b4 i saw on of the replies here I didn't here anyone else use it but me nd my frends I especially luv raph nd mikey becuz the way they argue is extremely cute and raph haz shown me that he is one of those cute anime characters that is moody and agressive most of the time but then they hav one of those I actually hav feelings besides moodiness and anger which makes them easy pray for fan girls to drool all over them!!!
also I'm a huge anime fan and hav u noticed that most shows r anime or anime based?!! I LUV it!!! Finally the people get wat the people want!! and I think that its a kind of touchin adorkable how splinter is so protective of his sons!
Oh and the moment I heard the story of Splinter's daughter I knew that she waz Karai
heart ninja heart ninja heart ninja heart ninja
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I hope Nick does not screw this show over. They tend to screw over every show not staring a yellow sponge who lives under the sea.

THIS THIS THIS! I was saying that during our fourth viewing to SailorSanta. Like I'm really like Robot and Monster. Cause its just simple and fun. (Not every animated series have to be a Young Justice) However, when going through the program guide sometimes it will say it's on but when I turn its SPONGEBOB! (feel like that should be a replacement for rickroll like spongeroll'ed or spongetroll) Only Nicktoons only airs it repeatedly on the weekends but it rather late at night. I really hope that Turtles can last longer.

Also can't understand why they don't air Korra more even though its only 12 eps.
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My overall impression is that I liked the premiere and now I have high expectations. I didn't really get into the comics, but I was a fan of the late 80's cartoon and I loved the movies--well the first two. I have a grasp on the various comic book versions, Mirage and Archie and Image, because my friend was a bigger fan. There are some things I liked about the 2012 version and some things I'm just waiting to see if it grows on me. The CGI animation has already grown on me, it took a few watches but I think I'm starting to like it. I really love the voice cast...Sean Astin, that really tickled me. I like the dynamic and individualism between the turtles and I enjoy the comedy. I will have to get used to April as a teenager since I always kind of viewed her as the mother figure to the turtles...and I'll have to get used to the origin story for Splinter since I personally prefer him as Hamato Yoshi's pet rat. Other than that I was pretty impressed...though I'm still holding out for the "cowabunga"...I know the other expressions are a little dated, but "cowabunga" is a must!
Oh no looks like my fear of too many mutants is confirmed. looks like Nick and the crew are going with a "monster of the week" theme for this show which means a lot of those monsters will be mutants. I mean tomorrows episode they are already facing another mutant this one called "Spider-bites"

Yet on the other hand it looks like the foot, the Utrom, and hopefully Baxter Stockman will be independent villains. I'm not fond of shows where all the major villains work together.

Oh I will only call them the Kraang is the Utrom show up later as good alien brains. As long as there is only one race of alien brains I will call them Utrom and not Kraang.
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ℜinny says: I don't think I could give it a chance. The animation is too fugly to look at for very long.
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I actually like Mikey this time! (He's my least favorite of the turtles while I like Leo unlike my dear cousin)
Im Rinny
ℜinny says: I don't think I could give it a chance. The animation is too fugly to look at for very long.

It always annoys me when people confuse animation and art style. They are not the same thing. It's the art style you think is ugly. Animation is how smooth/fluid the characters move not how they look.

Anyway What's wrong with the art? they don't look ugly to me. The only problem I have is the eyes for the turtles are too big. Besides that i see nothing wrong with the art style. Anyway you should still give the show a chance. it's pretty good.

Yes i love this show's Mikey while he seems a bit dumb it's less actual stupidity and more ignorance or just being nieve. I mean the Turtles do not know what the real world is like or how things function.

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