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I don't get it either. There are things that kids only get when they're old enough.

I don't think children would even notice that the vampire's mouth looked like a v****a full of sperm - if it's the same episode I watched, even I didn't notice that. It just looked like he was foaming in the mouth like a rabid monster bat. Maybe these mothers have their minds in the gutter. confused

I'd love to know what they think of Tinkerbell.
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"Omg that pose and sultry eye's staring at my son emotion_0A0 "

Come ooooonnnn.

Holy crap, I wasn't expecting to see you here!

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Not sure if it's been mentioned yet but there's a lot of sexual innuendo in Johnny Bravo ( as one could imagine). There was an instance where Little Suzy calls Johnny and invites him to her birthday party and Johnny says," Call me back when you're a coed." And there was another instance when Johnny somehow ends up on an island full of tribal women, Johnny being Johnny pisses off the women and they tie him up to sacrifice him to the volcano. The one woman says, "Oh Goddess Athena, we give you this virgin to sacrifice!" or something along those lines, and Johnny says, "Did she just call me a virgin?" Funny stuff. Honestly, I think it's harmless. I doubt kids will understand it and besides, parents need something to laugh at, right? They're not going to put anything that's so bad in children's cartoons that kids shouldn't be watching.
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Im today shocked about Disney,s Little mermaid legs transformnation, she dont wear anything except...purple seashell...bra!
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it's meant to go over their heads for the parents that are stuck watching it.
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I've also had a problem with an outfit Daphane wore. It looked like she was wearing a baby doll nightie but all I said was that she looked skeezy to my sister and moved on. Our toddlers would only have noticed if we had made a big deal about it which is true for most things kid related.
I don't know if anyone's posted this yet (certainly didn't read the whole thread looking for it), but here's a decent sized list of instances of innuendo (sexual and otherwise) slipped into children's cartoons: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Radar/WesternAnimation.
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The only thing I would be concerned about is the short skirts and such, because I wouldn't want any (hypothetical) child of mine dressing like that at such a young age. On the other hand, I know that this is probably just me being paranoid, because I used to watch Sailor Moon at a young age too, and the length of the skirts never crossed my mind.
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I do recall that Rocko's Modern Life was full of them in every episode. The main character was an employee at a sex hotline too.
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For the most part kids don't pick up on that kind of stuff. Usually they just like the pretty colors. I know when I was a kid I never got the adult jokes until I was older. And what do I think about it now? I think it makes the show better than what I remembered! Like with Ed,Edd and Eddy. I liked it because it was a cartoon and Ed gave me some good laughs. Now I like it because I love hearing the naughty jokes they make! (Oh, and Ed still makes me laugh) Parents these days over react about that kind of stuff. My mom noticed the adult stuff in the cartoons I watched and it never bothered her because she knew that I didn't get it.
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Far as I can tell, sexual innuendos have always been in cartoons. I think the producers use them to make their shows funnier for all ages, as inside jokes or just to see if they can get away with it. I think Animaniacs had some of the best(or controversial) ones I can think of (fingerprints, anyone?)

Most children won't get the jokes on their own. If they do understand the joke (or referring to the OP, think the mouth does resemble a v*****a), it's because their parents taught them to think that way. Same goes with language in television. Sorry parents, but your kid learned all those swear words from you, not the T.V.

In a way, the innuendos help us remember the show. One example I have is Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame. I remember thinking Frodo's obsession with Esmeralda was just because she was a different race and religon. Now...that has taken a whole new angle. And "Hellfire" is the best villain song ever.

In conclusion, innuendos have, and will probably always be there. Though I wonder if the definition of innuendo has changed at all.
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There are so many in Disney cartoons, they're literally very perverted and wouldn't advice anyones kids to grow up watching anything Disney related, i know if i ever have a kid i won't let them watch that.

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