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Too lazy to check if anyone said this already, but Looney Toons was aimed at adults, not kids. xd But yes, kids won't get it unless their parents are terrible at raising them.

Also, Animaniacs had a TON of sexual innuendos. You should check it out if you're interested, 'cause sometimes it's really funny. xd
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It's funny when I look back at the shows now. There's even some in Spongebob XD
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When I was little, I never caught on to any of those sexual innuendos. Even as I watch the cartoons that I use to as a kid, I still cannot pick them out since I watch them in the same mindset as I was then. The innuendos have to be pointed out to me directly by someone else. However, as I watch new cartoons that are present today, I find them much easier to spot (probably because my mindset has changed).

I don't think all sexual innuendos that parents may find in cartoons were intentional by their creators. In all actuality, almost anything can be related to some sexual idea.
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Some parents take things to far and worry about the wrong things.

Short skirt in a cartoon? Nothing new there, remember Jessica Rabbit or Betty Boo? Both are cartoon gals that where very tiny dresses and big boobs.

They rather let their kid watch the cartoon they don't approve of and try to get it banned/changed instead of telling them no.

If cartoons didn't have things for the adults kids would get away with a lot more.

TV doesn't teach kids about sex. I remember when I was younger I flipped threw channels and found a prono movie playing and watched it while my mom was sleeping not even one foot away from the speakers
I hate when parents are like that.

There's nothing better than re-watching a cartoon series and catching the little jokes.
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What do you think about it?

I was in line at the store earlier today and was behind two moms who were talking about the bad quality of kids shows these days. I just couldn't help but overhear. The first mom says how she was watching the new Scooby Doo series with her kids and noticed that Daphne's skirt was way too short when she was with some band and that she was dressed like a slut, and she didn't want Daphne shaking her nearly unconcealed a** at her son. Then the other mother chimes in with how she was watching Adventure Time with her 6 and 7 year old kids and didn't like how the vampire's mouth looked after his head got big. Why? Cause his mouth looked like a v****a full of sperm. She seriously said that.

I'm sorry but if your 6 and 7 year old knows what a v****a with sperm in it looks like, you're raising your children very wrong.

But anyway, sexual innuendo's been in kids shows since.....well the Looney Tunes. And honestly, I think it's good to have in the kids cartoons. You can't keep your kids sheltered for life, they're going to find out what those jokes mean eventually, and besides it's meant to go over their heads for the parents that are stuck watching it. When I was 5 I watched The Animaniacs on tv with my mom. I never understood why she laughed at random parts that didn't seem funny until I was older. That's how it is when you're a kid. I didn't understand what a skimpy dress meant nor did I associate anything with a v****a...or any other genital parts.

But now....the floor is yours.

My thing is that they were raised to look at that stuff. Like looney toons, when the dames would come out with their breasts and big butt and the men would holler at them. They watched that when they were kids and they grew up thinking their life is normal and"ok" so why not the kids watch adventure time. p.s., how would they even know what a v****a with semen looks like? Perves. Why are they talking about this in public where other kids could be listening? They have no regard for the sensitivity of others. Dafenie doesn't look like a slut. Its perfectly ok to let your kids walk around in tiny skirts as long as they have skin tight tights on showing all kinds of camel toe. soooo yea those parents are hipicrits. There is nothing wrong with the cartoons that come on before 9:00 pm and after 6:00 am.
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This thread reminds me of this one episode of the PowerPuff Girls when the girls attempt to join an all-male superhero league. This clip seriously made me wonder how in the hell this got past the censors. xD
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This Isnt Sparta
This thread reminds me of this one episode of the PowerPuff Girls when the girls attempt to join an all-male superhero league. This clip seriously made me wonder how in the hell this got past the censors. xD

Haha! Well, it was easier to get things past the censors then over now. They kind of did that a lot in the 90s and early 2000s...in my opinion at least.
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This thread reminds me of this one episode of the PowerPuff Girls when the girls attempt to join an all-male superhero league. This clip seriously made me wonder how in the hell this got past the censors. xD

And they defeated him with a flaming p***y cat. Holy s**t the writers were on their A game.
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There were a ton in the Powerpuff Girls.
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Sexual innuendos and cartoons have gone hand in hand ever since Cartoons have existed.
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Stupid soccer moms.
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Every single kids show from the 90s had adult jokes. And there are so many adult jokes in adventure time.

Its one of those if the parents catch it but the kids don't then I think its okay. But I like the adult jokes. rofl
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Don't see the point why parents have to overreact about it. I grew up with cartoons and anime with those kind of things don't even bug me much. I usually chuckle about hilarious things in there but anything adult-related jokes I'm still OK with, but there are some stuff that goes too far and that's mean-spirited jokes, which I did not like.

Anyways, when I have kids, I'll let them show whatever they want, depending on their interests. If they don't like it, then I don't blame them.

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