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Sign the petition, save Tron: Uprising https://www.change.org/petitions/disney-animation-studios-renew-tron-uprising-and-motorcity-for-additional-seasons

Requesting the help of fellow fans of things, this is a fandom in need. Tron: Uprising is an amazing and beloved series, with absolutely beautiful artwork and minds working behind it. The main character Beck, is voiced by Elijah Wood (everyone loves Elijah Wood). The writing and story is complex enough to more than captivate the older demographic. All this hard work, this thought and effort is being put into series that is going to be canceled.

The Tron fandom is deeply dedicated, in love with a franchise that is unfortunately unpredictable and often unfaithful to it's fans. We are commonly left in the dark or forgotten entirely (for three decades at a time), and we're asking for a chance to fight back.

If you haven't already checked this series out, please do, at least give it a chance. If you don't watch the show then consider helping fellow fans and geeks hold onto something that would break all our hearts to see pushed aside without so much as a reason given in compensation.

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Here on the internet, we understand that cartoons aren't just for young children. Tron: Uprising is meant for a mature audience. It's common themes: death, torture, mind control, and a deliberately Nazi-esque dictatorship, are all an integral part of the franchise. It is meant to be like Orwell's 1984, thought police and all. Tron Uprising is about keeping faith and strength to hold out against a media and government that has polluted every mind around you, for a resistance member, even your friends are the enemy.

This is science fiction, and it is designed to make the viewer consider the 'what could be'. What if computer programs were living people? How similar would they be to us? Would that make their lives have value? should their deaths, deletion, and suffering mean anything to us? How would we respond to having this knowledge? As a series designed to provoke such introspection, a power of the mind that experts say doesn't develop until adolescence, what part of Uprising should exist on a channel marketed toward young children?

The Uprising series is being singled out to end when cable today shows so much crap like- 'I'm going to embarrass someone on national television and ruin their life', 'pregnant sixteen and a drug dealer', and 'watch how many ways someone can kill themselves', which will have season after season until the brains of the younger generation turn into battery acid.

Our show is on the Disney XD network, and in a world where most adults between the ages of twenty and forty don't have any possible access to premium cable (especially considering Tron fandom exists world wide and can't get American cable), what is a fandom to do when cancellation descends upon a series in its infancy? We rally, we show Disney that the Tron fandom has lived on the internet since the very first movie, and we're lying here waiting for Disney to sell us their merchandise and take all our money, if only they would allow us to.

The Uprising series recently released its amazing sound track, which has climbed to the top of the lists on itunes and Amazon and is being advertised all across the internet. While viewing youtube videos you may have seen one such advertizement. The series itself? No internet advertising, no advertising anywhere. How are ratings on a network no one can access supposed to reflect a fan base? The answer: they can't.

This is a dilemma that will affect all cartoon fans, and be a common frustration in the future as television becomes less and less popular and the world moves on to the internet. Let's show the the corporations that the world is changing, and that if they don't change themselves they will be left behind (and also lose all this Christmas money here waiting to be spent).

I thank you from the bottom of my heart if you took the time to read all my ranting smile . Tron lives.
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Wait... Hold on... They are going to stop airing Uprising? I've seen the new episode on Sunday. They are canceling it? o,.,o
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So great animation cancelled after one series ended by fantastic cliffhanger... Meanness exclaim
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                      Not to put a damper on your parade, but most fan petitions don't wind up saving anything. If you want to show your support, buy the merchandise and DVDs when they do come out. Executives see that and if the sales are really good, they may think about bringing it back. It's what has helped saved a show or two before.

                      Executives don't think with their hearts, they thin with their wallets. They don't care how much you love the show. They care about ratings and money.

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