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Who did Winx Club Better?

Orignal Italiian 0.24299065420561 24.3% [ 26 ]
4Kids 0.48598130841121 48.6% [ 52 ]
Nickelodeon 0.27102803738318 27.1% [ 29 ]
Total Votes:[ 107 ]
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I like to watch Winx Club on 4Kids and I heard it was going to air on Nickelodeon but was very disappointed. My biggest peeve I think is the voice actors they used for the Nickelodeon version cause I was used to the 4Kids Voice actors. Then what irritates me now are the new transformations, I believe it's up to season 6 now, I find that annoying for some reason.
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I don't mind the show, it's fun to watch. I'm just thrilled that it's in HD finally without the annoying two bars on the sides of my TV. As for the new transformation outfits I like them, they have a Lolita feel to it. My only gripe would be the wings, the little hearts on Bloom's wings are very distracting since they move constantly without staying put.
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I don't like Winx in general.
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The 4Kids version of Winx Club is subpar to say the least [powerful girls who...righteously adhere to gender roles and stereotypes..?] but at least it was watchable. I liked the animation style and nearly all of the voice actors - they did have a lot of diversity with dialects and accents. There was conflict in the show and sometimes it wasn't so easily resolved.

Nick destroyed that show. Completely and utterly destroyed it - all of the voice actors sound the same, the voice acting is even worse than the 4Kids and they cut out development from the series.

4Kids wasn't great, but Nick shat on that show and set it on fire.
Nick ruined winx club. emotion_donotwant
I feel you, I was so used to the voices when it was 4Kids that I can't watch it on Nick. It's too different for me. Oh well.
The original is better but Nick's version is very close to the original. Unlike 4kids they worked close with the original creators and did not make any unnecessary changes.

4kids ruined Winx club Nick saved the show.

Just because you are use to something does not make it good. There are people use to the 4kids dub of Yu Gi Oh, there are people use to Card captors, there are people use to Dic's Sailor Moon dub. Does that make any of those good? No.

Being loyal to the original being more respectful to the source material that is not "ruining" something. Take off your rose colored glasses. Something coming first does not make it better. Nick "ruined" Winx club the same way Funimation "ruined" One Piece, they "ruined" it by saving it. People are simply never pleased.
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Does anyone know when they are releasing episode 14? I'm DYING to watch that one and just can't find it anywhere!
I heart Winx Club. But I hate it on thedarn Nick!!! scream

I love the Winx Club! heart
I heart Winx Club. But I hate it on thedarn Nick!!! scream
I love the winx club
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I have been watching winx club on nick and I love it. I watched it on 4kids and I was so happy to see it back on tv. Nickelodeon is doing good with it. It took me a bit to get used to the voices but I like them. 4laugh
It's up to season 6? Wow. I just remember the first season's finale being good, the second finale being sub-par, and the third finale being disappointing. I'm pretty sure I watched it on 4kids.
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It's actually only half way through season 5 right now.

I quite enjoy Nick's VA's, honestly. There's a few voices I prefer from 4Kids, like Flora's and Sky's (okay I just really love Dan Green), but I'm fine with the new ones too. They're just as good, if not better in some respects. Honestly, the 4Kids dub wasn't that great at all. I just rewatched the 3rd season of their dub and I cringed through some parts. I don't know why anyone would want to defend them, 4Kids did some super shitty things to anime and other foreign shows.

Anyways, I don't know how I feel about the CGI in the infinite ocean scenes they're doing now. I mean, it is beautifully done, I'll give them that. But it's not as colourful as the 2D animations, and that's part of the reason why I like Winx Club. It's just so bright and colourful. Their new forms are also a little meh cause they all look so uniform now. No uniqueness at all. Their Enchantix was probably their best, imo.
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To be honest, I don't see the point why people hated both versions of Winx Club. Sure, 4Kids ruined Winx Club and other anime such as One Piece, Sonic X, and Kirby, but I have nothing against it. I do remembered watching Seasons 1-3 that have 4Kids dubbed but it's just they changed the storyplot to made it mediocre. Nick on the other hand did an excellent job with redoing the seasons, such as the One-Hour Specials. Yet, I do remember seeing the RAI version of Season 4 and it's a lot similar to Nick's dub.

I really hope they finished Season 5 because I really cannot wait for Episode 14 to air. All these rumors is giving me a headache. >,<

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