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A lot of people like Maleficent but when I re-watched the movie a few months ago I found her rather boring. All she did was complain about being left out of a party, tempt a girl to p***k her finger and fall asleep and then, the only cool part of the movie in my opinion, turned into a dragon. But she ended up being slain pretty easily so the "coolness" was really just the fact that she turned into a creature most fantasy buff's enjoy.

I like Maleficent for her designs, but character wise I found her rather dull. I find the Evil Queen to be of greater interest for me, as far as villain qualities are concerned.
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Yes, Hades is definitely one of my favorite Disney villains, but like everyone else, I'd say he's not the best/most evil. Frollo arguably is, though he's not a favorite.

My favorites (though not in order) are Hades, Yzma, Scar, Dr. Facillier, Jafar, Gaston, and Maleficent.
I will admit that Hades was probably the best thing to come out of Hercules, but overall that movie was terrible. Here are 5 villains I feel are better, err. worse/more evil than Hades in no particular order.

1. Pete- Popeye has his Bluto, Mickey has Pete. Pete has been around since the beginning to bring trouble to Mickey, Donald and Goofy. His longevity alone lands him among the best.

2. Maleficent- She puts a curse on a baby Princess that will lead to her death all because she wasn't invited to a party. I don't care who you are that's just EVIL!

3. Frollo- Song Hellsfire, nuff said. Moving on.

4. Horned King- From the relatively unknown and mostly forgotten about Black Cauldron. So Evil he almost landed Disney their first PG 13 for an animated Cartoon with having his henchmen melt away on camera.

5. Evil Queen- Ordering a Huntsman to kill her step daughter, carve out her heart and return it to her, plotting to have the Dwarves bury her alive, all because one day Snow White became fairer than she. Hard core.
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Judge Claude Frollo. He has no annoying sidekick just a bad a** horse that looks like it came out of hell. He is a racist, genocidal maniac who honestly believes he's a good guy even at his worst he justifies what he is doing in the name of god. even his villain song is far darker and far more non Disney. He has non of the silly quarks or traits of a Disney villain (Unless lust counts) he is pure serous evil on a level that only maybe Maleficent came close to reaching. Only he does it while being completely mortal and human.

Yea and in the real world he would probably be the most evil since he wants to rape Esmerelda,and he's like a sociopath.

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D'aww, no love for Captain Hook? Not the most sinister of the villains but he never fails to amuse.
Personal favorite right there ever since I was a kid.
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Frollo. Hands down.
Ratigan was fairly evil.

What's the title of this movie again? mrgreen
shinotsu kasemaru
Ratigan was fairly evil.

What's the title of this movie again? mrgreen

Ratigan is from Basil the Great Mouse Detective.
shinotsu kasemaru
Ratigan was fairly evil.

What's the title of this movie again? mrgreen

Ratigan is from Basil the Great Mouse Detective.

Oh yea. Basil from Baker street. Thanks dude. cool
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Eh, I think Frollo is a bit more evil than Hades.

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Hades and Gaston are probably my favorites. Mostly because they're both absolutely freakin' hilarious.

Though I personally think that Gaston is slightly better than Hades at being a villain because he actually succeeded in making me really dislike him by the end of the movie. With Hades, I was rooting for him the whole time. XD

I also have a soft spot for Medusa from the Rescuers, but that's only because I think she's sorta cute.
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Hades is voiced by James Woods, nothing can top that. Also, he's flashily hilarious, and evil takes a backseat to comedy with me.
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I would agree Disney movie wise-

but Kingdom Hearts definitely made me reconsider the order of bad assery. Does that count?
Nah, I think Cruela DeVille is the best because litterally her only super power is that she has an insatiable desire to kill and skin puppies for their stylish fur.
The villain from the Lion King <3

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