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New Poll! What is your fav RvsB season? (post why in the thread!)

1 0.46153846153846 46.2% [ 12 ]
2 0.076923076923077 7.7% [ 2 ]
3 0.076923076923077 7.7% [ 2 ]
4 0.076923076923077 7.7% [ 2 ]
5 0.076923076923077 7.7% [ 2 ]
6 0.076923076923077 7.7% [ 2 ]
7 0.15384615384615 15.4% [ 4 ]
Total Votes:[ 26 ]
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Hello fans of Red vs Blue and Rooster Teeth!
I have Started this thread to discuss favorite moments from the series Red vs Blue and other Rooster Teeth productions. Feel free to vote in our poll and share your favorite moments/quotes/episodes/etc. I am planning to hold some contests and such later on if this thread is popular enough. It just wouldn't be a proper opening without this:
"Simmons: Hey.
Grif: M'Yeah?
Simmons: D'You ever wonder why we're here?
Grif: It's one of life's great mysteries, isn't it? Why are we here? I mean, are we the product of some...cosmic coincidence? Or is there really a God, watching everything, you know, with a plan for us and stuff. I don't know man, but it keeps me up at night.
Simmons: What? I mean why are we out here, in this canyon?
Grif: Oh. Uhhhhh. Yeah.
Simmons: And what's all that stuff about God?
Grif: Uhhhhh. Hm? Nothing.
Simmons: Do you want to talk about it?
Grif: No.
Simmons: Sure?
Grif: Yeah.
Simmons: Seriously though, why are we out here? As far as I can tell, it's just a box canyon in the middle of nowhere. No way in or out.
Grif: Mmmhmmm.
Simmons: I mean, the only reason that we set up a red base here is because they have a blue base over there, and the only reason they have a blue base over there is because we have a red base here.
Grif: Well, yeah, that's because we're fighting each other.
Simmons: No, no, but I mean... even if we were to pull out today, and they were to come and take our base, they would have two bases in the middle of a box canyon. Whoopdeef***indoo.
Grif: What's up with that anyway? I mean, I signed on to fight some aliens, next thing I know. Master Chief blows up the whole Covenant Armada, next thing I know, I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere, fighting a bunch of blue guys!"

Roses are red
And violets are blue.
One day we'll cruise down
Blood Gulch avenue
It's red versus red
and blue versus blue
It's I against I
and me against you

Violets are blue, roses are red
living like this we were already dead
Hop in my car
it don't have any doors
It's built like a cat
It lands on fours
My car's like a puma
it drives on all fours

Red versus red
Blue versus blue
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caboose for prez! lol mrgreen
caboose for prez! lol mrgreen

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Look up, look below.

You are round and you can't wear pants.
Look here, look away.

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The Zombie plans episode is my favorite.
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i gotta go with caboose
The Zombie plans episode is my favorite.

"Doc: Hey Sarge, do you have a, quote, "zombie plan", unquote?
Sarge: A zombie plan? Of course not!
Doc: See? I told you.
Sarge: I have 37 different zombie plans!
Grif: Wow. Now that's preperation! I am seriously impressed, Sarge.
Sarge: Well don't be, dirtbag. In 36 of the 37 plans I use your fresh corpse as bait, so that I can make my initial escape from the legions of the undead!
Grif: Well, at least I know there's one plan where I-
Sarge: In the 37th plan, I knowingly infect myself with the zombie virus, just so I can devour you!
Doc: Sarge, you gotta be pulling my leg.
Sarge: Why do you think I carry a shotgun with me at all times? You have to be ready to act on a moments notice! Hyah!"
As of January 2, 2011 the votes are as follows:
Sarge 2
Simmons 2
Grif 0
Donut 1 (They didn't rly have pink....)
Church 2
Tucker 0
Caboose 3
Tex 0
Doc/O'Malley 0 (It's dark purple...really)
Other (Post in the Thread) 1

I think it is time for a new poll....if you want to still vote on your fav character, quote this post, vote, and I will tally up the responses ASAP!
Red Vs Blue is Amazing! My favorite episode has to be the one with where church makes the phone call to Vick lol well it's a toss up between that and the first part of episode 1 of the very first season where Tuck and Church are watching Grif and Simmons.
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The Gay Robot speech.

(NOTE: clip is actually from AMV Hell 4 with the sound from RvB dubbed over. I'm too lazy to hunt down the actual clip. Deal with it.)
Requiem in Mortis
The Gay Robot speech.

(NOTE: clip is actually from AMV Hell 4 with the sound from RvB dubbed over. I'm too lazy to hunt down the actual clip. Deal with it.)

"Tucker: So, the military put this program in her head, and that program made her a killer. But underneath it all she's really just a sweet, down-home girl?
Church: Oh hell no. She's always been a rotten b***h, it's just now she's a rotten b***h with cybernetic enhancements.
Tucker: Wow. Sounds like you really won the lottery with that one. Good catch there buddy, she's a keeper.
Church: So how're you doing, Caboose? Are you following any of this whatsoever?
Caboose: I think so... That guy Tex is really a robot, and you're his boyfriend. So that makes you... a gay robot.
Church: Yeah... that's right... I'm a gay robot."
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i have more than one fav

Sarge: So unless anybody has any more mythical creatures to suggest as a name for the new vehicle, we're gonna stick with, the 'Warthog'. How about it Grif?
Grif: No sir. No more suggestions.
Sarge: Are you sure? How 'bout Big Foot?
Grif: It's okay.
Sarge: Unicorn?
Grif: No really. Uh.. I'm cool.
Sarge: Sasquatch?
Simmons: Leprechaun?
Grif: Hey, he doesn't need any help man.
Sarge: Pheonix.
Grif: *sigh* (muttering) Christ.
Sarge: Hey Simmons! What's the name of that Mexican lizard? Eats all the goats.
Simmons: Uh, That would be the Chupacabra sir.
Sarge: Hey Grif! Chupathingy, how 'bout that? I like it. Got a ring to it.

Grif: okay, I'll go again. I spy something beginning with-
Simmons: dirt.
Grif: damn! how did you?
Simmons: well because you did rock last time. that's all thats out here is rocks and dirt
Grif: yeah, this canyon sucks

Grif: why is he just standing there?
Tucker: Caboose, get behind the rock, they can still see you
Caboose: They can't see me... i can't see them!
Tucker: that's because you're facing the rock
Caboose: oh, right!
Tucker: reaaal smooth, dipshit

Church: Okay, Tucker, I need you to get up there, help Caboose shore up a defense, establish a suppressing fire, and hold that position until further notice.
Tucker: I didn’t even know what half of that meant.
Church: Just go over to Caboose’s rock, and fire your gun a bunch.
Tucker: That rock? Yeah, I don’t think so.
Church: We do not. Have time. To discuss this.
Tucker: Sure, no time for you to discuss it! You get to hang out here with Nancy-no-bullets just shootin' the breeze! Meanwhile, I’m out there, running around, eating a machine-gun sandwich.
Church: Tucker, we’re going to give you covering fire!
Tucker: Covering fire? Unless that means you’re going to build a huge, bulletproof wall between me and them, I think you need to come up with a new plan. Preferably one that involves me keeping the same quantity of blood that I have right now.
Church: No problem. Oh, wait, wait, does the blood have to be in your body?

Church: Okay, you, Doc. Get over there and help Caboose.
DuFresne: My name isn't Doc. It's DuFresne.
Church: Yeah, I can't pronounce that. So from now on, your name is Doc.
DuFresne: I'm not really comfortable with that. I'm not a doctor; I'm a medic.
Tucker: What's the difference?
DuFresne: Well, a doctor cures people. A medic just makes them more comfortable... while they die.
Tucker: Mental Note: Don't ever get shot.

Caboose: I can't believe Church shot me!

and plenty more, but that would make this post too big biggrin
"Sarge: So today, we'll be presenting Red vs. Blue's "Fire Safety Tips".
Simmons: You may be asking yourself, "What is fire?" If you're asking that, it's because you're an idiot. You're probably also asking things like,
"What am the sky?" and,
"How does eat food?"
Even cavemen knew what fire was you dumbass.
Sarge: And sure, you may know what fire is, but can you tell if something you own is on fire? You should look for the following signs:
1. Smoke
2. Heat
3. Fire
Sarge: Things that are on fire, typically have fire on them. It's a dead giveaway."
~ "Where There's Smoke..."

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Hey, do any of you guys Roleplay?

I've got a Project Freelancer roleplay I'm trying to get started but I need people


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