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Fav - Fairy Tail, Fairyly odd parents, Bug bunny and Tweety show xp
Not so fav - dont really have any ones i hate tbh sweatdrop
I love the simpsons/family guy. I'm not a big fan of ed edd and eddy tho
My favorite has to be Swat Kats, ahhh 90's.
Least favorite: My little pony, for obvious reaons.
I like the old Tom & Jerry cartoons but that's because i'm old school
I guess.. My favorite cartoon would be MLP.. sweatdrop
The Illusionist, nominated oscar 2010. biggrin
Did anyone watch Batman Beyond? I loved that one!

As for now I liked season 1 of Young Justice but I wasn't too keen on the season 2 opener
Robotic Titchy
I like the old Tom & Jerry cartoons but that's because i'm old school

They're classics! No matter the new animation techniques Tom & Jerry will always be great!
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i have lots of favorite ones.....but my most favorite one is princess tutu and ashita no nadja gaia_angelright gaia_kittenstar gaia_angelleft

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I thought I would take a crack at this- I have so many favourites!

Secret of Kells - Gorgeous animation! It has an elaborate array of patterns and colours on everything. I'm extremely blown away by the fact that during snowy scenes, snowflakes are in the shapes of Celtic knots.

I'm a sucker for anything that stems from historical/cultural items- Secret of Kells is revolves around Book of Kells that actually exists/ed- If you ever have the opportunity to actually view a a facsimiled version (I know a local university has a copy, so I assume it might be one of the standards at university libraries and other literature venues?), you should!

I will refrain from splurging on random info about others, so here's a short list:

- Persepolis
- Avatar: The Last Airbender
- The Road to El Dorado
- Class of the Titans
- The Wild Thornberries

I... Really don't have any least favourite cartoons. ._.
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epic shows;;
samurai jack.
camp lazlo.
jimmy neutron
johnny bravo.
megas xlr
teen titans
american dragon; jake long.
fosters home for imaginary friends.

worst shows to ever be aired;
team awesome.
yin yang yo.
rugrats; all grown up.
phinneas & pherb.
fanboy & chumchum.
pfft =.= im so lazy i havent even completed the beginners test dramallama
Llamas are creepy O_O seriousssss if your reading this you wasted 20 seconds of your life hyper hyper anyways spiderman the cartoon sucks baii ^.^
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Courage the cowardly dog!

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