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My favorite of all time is Fairly Odd Parents because its so funny and unique.
Favorite cartoon has to be family guy
just gonna say (not expecting a reply) Medabots, all the way. ever since i was a kid i loved that s**t to bits.
My favorite 2012 cartoon is Gravity Falls, show is off the chain. I hate My Little Pony. Its over-hyped and idiotic. Enjoy the Lamby Lamby Dance..
Disco girl coming through, that girl is you! XD Gravity Falls:
adventure time
xd currently i like fairy tail , bleach( i think its finished sad () and naruto ninja
all time fav : Danny Phantom heart heart heart
my lest fav I can't thinke of any that I don't like
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I love spongebob and The fairly Oddparents. i remember when i was a kid, i was really addicted to it. I really love them till now.
Least are rugrats, hey arnold, wild thorne berries, catdog. i was born in the 90's Im sorry but i hate them. they are kinda boring.
Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon & Disney Channel Rock !!! I hate the new cartoon channels and new cartoons tv shows . talk2hand burning_eyes -. -
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Most favorite: DBZ, DBGT, DB
Least favorite: Fullmetal
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Mine would Have to be Girls Bravo! Its a very cool show You see a lot of tits cool xd
Favorites: Family Guy, American Dad, Archer, Bleach, Batman: The Animated Series
Dislikes: Adventure Time - overrated IMO, My Little Pony (terrible overrated cartoon) ,Cow and Chicken (annoying)
Might morphin power rangers and pokemon
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haha this involves little if no thought, i mean come, when it comes to cartoons theres the good and the bad, in between isnt fit for the screen just like the bad razz
Favorites-ed edd and eddy
rockos modern life
fosters home for imaginary friends
fairly odd parents
cat dog
hey arnold
dexters laboratory
jimmy neutron
courage the cowardly dog
teen titans
looney toons(not the new bs either,the originals)
tom and jerry
spongebob squarepants
family guy
king of the hill

horribles- everything new to cartoon network (regular show,amazing world of gumball, adventure time, misadventures of flapjack etc)
everything new to nickelodeon (big time rush, victorious, icarly, new fairly oddparents ie poof) only exceptions being new episodes to the above mentioned cartoons

Yes,yes,yes,YES,YES!...I just nerded all over my self sweatdrop
Gotta love the old batman animated series, its how i was introduced to him, im a 90's kid so anything from that time is a-ok in my book, Johnny "huh-ha-huh, man im pretty" Bravo

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