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the simpson's ftw
Dragonball Z IS and always WILL BE my all time favorite. But for least favorite animated series I'd have to pick the Animaniacs maybe? sweatdrop
Favorite: Umineko
I don't watch TV much anymore 'cause I don't really have much time for it...but as far as western cartoons go, I used to LOVE Teen Titans and Code Lyoko.
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Fairly odd parents! 4laugh
Hate Phineas n Ferb.
Feels like another sad excuse 4 Disney stars to sing. stare
least fav cartoonm... easily would be BATMAN and all the other oldies stuf... Im more of an anime fan myself...(ie SKIP BEAT!!!!!!)
Favorite: Avatar the Last Airbender; Saka is just an awesome character! 4laugh
Least favorite: Fami;y Guy; just so stupid, I can't stand watching it. talk2hand
Hunter Rose Grendel
I am teh Queen of teh first post!
And I say Batman: The Animated Series.
A fine choice indeed.

Myself, I'm rather fond of Heavy Metal, and the old Transformers series.
I've never seen the original. I've seen the FAKK 2 bit, and I thought it was some of the worst stuff I've ever laid eyes on. If I had to go with something a little more out of the way, I think I'd pick Aeon Flux. I rather liked the first few sets of episodes, where she just kept dying. It had a very raw style. Oooo, or "Le Moin et le Poisson." Technically it's a just a ten minute short, but it's hilarious.
Dude. Some of the best cartoons are shorts. The first Beavis and Butthead cartoons, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Matt and Trey's Spirit of Christmas . . .
True enough. And with that in mind, I add Tim Burtin's "Vincent" to the list.
I haven't seen Vincent. I also need to see James and the Giant Peach.

I've heard a rumour that he's doing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

yes, i luved the james n the giant peach movie! charlie and the chocolate factory was neat as weelll...
my favorite show would have to bleach <3
ilove anime lol!;D
i like it because its cool and because there is alot of
action in it..
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favorite: spiderman the animated series smile
least favorite:i dont think i have one :/
My favorite is Bleach
my favorite cartoon is Bleach.
my favorite cartoon is bleach smile
Gir from INvader Zin was so funny... To Bad the show is like canceled.

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