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m wink my favorite one is the mavin and spiderman..... cute heart whee
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My favorite is Dungeons & Dragons.
Acctually i would go with InuYasha...He is hot...charming..a little rough on the sides but if you look deep enough hes a total softy...I am queen of all anime and i say InuYasha is the best..(CASUE HES SO HOT!)
most favorite is Family Guy...

Least would have to be Beavis and Butthead (which is almost side by side with sealab 2021)
My favorite cartoon is probably Batman Beyond. I liked the concept of Batman not being so "able to hurt but invincible". I mean, sure, we always knew Terry would win, but not like Bruce, to where, in my opinion, it wasn't exciting. I don't know if that's even making sense X_x

And I liked Melody (Number 9). She rocked. As did Max. Yay Max.
Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends = teh awesome.
mai favorite cartoon is Cardcaptors mai least ish mucha lucha
the Simpsons, Futurama, and ReBoot

Hate with fire of 1000 suns:
YuGiOh (leaves a foul aftertaste before Simpsons), DBZ, Family GUy (except for Stewie)
my favorite cartoon is family guy and my least favorites are pokemon and yu-gi-oh
My favorite would be either aqua teen hunger force or invader zim.
Pokemon and Digimon for me whee
For some reason, I cant stad Code:Lyoko. I guess i just have something against Big Foreheaded People!
I just watched Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends that was a good show so is Teen Titans. Least would be Tom and Jerry, Dexter's Labratory too.
I lovelovelove Kids Next Door!! It's really funny, really cute, and it's ont of my only not-anime obsessions! And one episode had one of the funniest DBZ spoofs I've ever seen (Operation REPORT). xd
I like mostley all of the cartoons!! biggrin xd xp

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