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i want crystle to win and you? heart
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I want lee to, he sings great, kinda cute and has good talent. Crystal is kinda.... well she is good but her stage aperance is kinda.... She still sings good though ^^
mee tooo

dramallama dramallama crystal is gonna win no doubt
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I want Lee to win!
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I love Crystal because she's so original and her looks and singing stand out. GO CRYSTAL!! heart
I'll be surprised if Crystal wins.
I would have rather had it come down to Lee and Casey, but now that Casey's out my vote will be going to Lee.
i want crystle to win and you? heart

CRYSTAL BOWERSOX ALL THE WAY BABY!!! scream Lee sucks a**! evil
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cyrstle is talented but i want lee to win cuz hes REALLY talented!
i've hated crystal from the begining; every week i'm hopin she's the one that'll be sent home but its always someone i like leaving. lee has been okay i think and i would have rather'd him go home a few times too. But when it comes down to it i hope lee wins!!
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I don't care who wins.
But if I was to choose,
I would pick Crystal. 3nodding
me too lee isn't really that good

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