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Trust me I dont like Simon, but what will Idol be without him. He is the life of the show. You always wonder what he is going to say. You might love the preformance, but he will hate. Or you hate it and he loves it. He something of his own
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Well, I'll still watch the next season, to see, in my opinion, who is horrible and who is awesome. I think Simon was the most honest judge, who wasn't afraid to kill anyone's hopes, desires, and dreams. 3nodding

American Idol won't be the same without him. The only original judge now is Randy! sad
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American Idol - Simon = Dead
i miss him!!! xp i hope he'll visit american idol next season heart sigh...
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did she got that lollipop?
Agreed, i might not even watch american idol next season. I would truly miss Simon. He was funny and he was a critique! :] His criticism makes me laugh..... he's awesome. crying

Can you believe it? Leaving idol for the X-factor! sad
i will say right now that it will be totally diferent without
simon on the show he is always so mean to all the
contestants and it will be different without someone being
mean.American Idol is such a great show.
I think that without simon american idol is not going to last long because i think that if simon doesn't come back randy is going to leave to because he as abdc(america's best dance crew) so in the end i think it's time for everyone to wave goodbye to american idol and hello xfactor and abdc
omg rolleyes rolleyes rolleyes
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if you wanna lagh at people how can't sing you have to watch african idols i almost crapt in my pants it was so funny rofl rofl rofl
I've always loved Simon. He really knows what he's talking about and isn't afraid to tell it how it is. He's the only judge that really gives these singers true feedback that can help them get better so that they can expand on their music and have a career in the biz!! But now he's gone and what will happen to the aspiring stars? Who will tell them what they need to hear in order to grow? There is no replacement for Simon. I will miss him and I don't thin American Idol will even be worth watching anymore. We'll miss you Simon!
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Ok, without Simon in American Idol, there is no American Idol. He is the only judge that makes me want to watch American Idol. DO YOU KNOW HOW FUNNY HE IS? That British dude can kick butt and make everyone else laugh. I'll truly miss him. I don't think there's going to be any soul in the show next year, and I might not watch it. I might watch So You Think You Can Dance. What you ya think?

So you think you can dance is an awesome show!!!! And same with you american idol will be nothing without Simon!!!!!
the show could get really boring... depends on who they pick to replace him.

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