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Ok, without Simon in American Idol, there is no American Idol. He is the only judge that makes me want to watch American Idol. DO YOU KNOW HOW FUNNY HE IS? That British dude can kick butt and make everyone else laugh. I'll truly miss him. I don't think there's going to be any soul in the show next year, and I might not watch it. I might watch So You Think You Can Dance. What you ya think?
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This is the weird thing. Paula Abdul left American Idol and nobody really missed her that much when they watched American Idol...they just stopped watching it...which is really wierd. (my opinion only).
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I love Ellen Degeneres bcuz she is funny, but really?
I don't think she really knows about singing abilities, because for the whole season, the only thing I noticed was that she just "agreed" with whatever Randy said, like she has no opinions for himself, except for some times where she rarely speaks for herself. But don't get me wrong, she is really funny and she made me laugh when I was watching American Idol.
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won't be the same, that's for sure
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[They have to keep Simon ! He's a good judge ! My favorite judge too D:
Yeah, the viewers of season 10 are gonna drop big time. There are tons of people who watch the show just so see what Simon says
it won't be american idol without simon..

The next season will surely suck!!!
It's Not Gonna bee The Sammee.. sad
yeah.. i agree... sad
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Simon is the only one who knows what he's talking about and he does this show seriously well you know what I mean....like he's there to judge not for people to like him. He tells the truth and he doesn't care how you look like, yes Susan Boyle is another story but he was wrong and he learned from that. He looks at the talent! I'm done with American Idol! No simon.No viewers!
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simon is like the essence of the show. neutral
The only way that American Idol will be interesting again is if they choose someone to replace Simon VERY CAREFULLY, they need to boot Kara and Ellen, bring back Paula, and stop choosing people that are all the same. They had too many quirky girls on this season, and they all got the boot one after the other, which left Crystal with the only chance since she wasn't quirky, and she still lost in the end, but I digress...American Idol without Simon Cowell isn't really American Idol at all.
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American idol wouldnt be the same without the booing for simon
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crying crying
he's the best judge ever...why must you leave??????? stressed
i wonder what will happened next..? question

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