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burning_eyes cheese_whine dramallama geeeeeee adam kiss the guy
i don't like him so he's gay to meh
yes that is http://www.buddytv.com/articles/Image/american-idol-8/lambert3.jpg
he is gay.
its sad really
hes gay on tv like......
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Baby Vegeta X
i don't like him so he's gay to meh

i thought he wasn't gay until i saw him with the band and sang the song.
ops i ment
the t and y r right next to each other
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so what if he's gay
its cute
too cute in fact.
i still like him,
and so should u.
yeah he was gay but i still think he should have won. he ended up making a cd anywa
I don't know if he likes guys... But he wears makeup.... That's for sure. xp

ok to be honest he is gay straight gay i know for a fact but its cool u are who u are i love his song what do you want from me
if you guys don't know much about Adam Lambert yes he is gay and so is Ricky Martin and Van Diesel they all admitted it on M.T.V and when Adam Lambert was on American Idol He even said he was gay he doesn't care respect them for them not who they are what if the anti homo's out there kids because there gay or bi u gonna treat them if so thats ****ing wrong
yeah great singer but gay burning_eyes cheese_whine
Yeah, adam is gay, But he's so sexy. XD
yeah he was gay. and i wasnt too suprised either
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...That is asking like if the sky is blue. Of ******** course he's gay. He has a crush on his roommate for god's sake. Not that I dislike Adam, but SERIOUSLY. He ate a guy's face off on TV. He's gay. Get over it.

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