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Talking flowers were mean as heck..Like stuck up school girls..
Um, defiantly the talking flowers!! >.< they b meanies!!
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The caterpillars name is Epsilon.. Or it sounds like that.. But the Epsilon was just helping her, showing her that Wonderland wasn't a dream..
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The talking flowers.

The caterpillar offers advice and he does help her. I think he symbolizes the role of a parent in the books, I actually think wonderland is kind of like the journey of a teenager's life from childhood to adolesence.

The talking flowers are just there to gossip and scorn at her, I think they symbolize peers.

But anyway, my point is; talking caterpillar actually has a purpose and he gives good advice, while the talking flowers just...hang around gossiping?
depends on the movie i mean in my fav movie, alice, the Caterpillar was kind and helped alice out 4laugh
This Started last year October.....>.< ninja 3nodding ninja
Defineatly the flowers cuz the caterpillar did that to question her
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flowers ugh stupid flowers
Those evil flowers evil
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I think the flowers lol the catipillar was being mean because he was trying to get her to think wink

Word up...flowers were bitches
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"A weed??"

The flowers. The Caterpillar actually helped her out a bit.

Talking flower sweatdrop
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The flowers!
i have to say the flowers, the catipiler was just cryptic where as on the other hand the flowers where total bitches. heart
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Whos Meaner The Talking Flowers Or The Smoking Caterpillar ? xx ninja xx

Th talking flowers. They were truly mean, the caterpillar actually had a POINT

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