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The Smoking Caterpillar
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The flowers were mean. The caterpillar was trying to help Alice, but took the wrong approach
The caterpillar wasn't trying to be mean.
The flowers on the other hand were being downright malicious.

This is going off the book, because I cannot remember the Burton movie very well

i agree!!!

The flowers were TRYING to hurt Alice's feelings, the caterpillar was just kind of irritated with her.
The flowers= mean girls in high school
Caterpillar= an adult talking to a very dumb child
Hahaha well at least thats my opinion!
The Flowers o.o Defiantly
Definitely the flowers. The caterpillar is rude (and might have high blood pressure ;p) but the flowers are just kind of horrifying in their prejudice.
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i would honestly be pissed if someone blew smoke in my face, push that caterpillar off his mushroom to teach him a lesson... scream
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Definitely the flowers.
I mean the caterpillar kind of confused me and in a sense, was rude in the way he was TRYING to get her to think, but the flowers were just annoying and just downright prejudiced and ignorant........ >.>
I think the flowers lol the catipillar was being mean because he was trying to get her to think wink

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I say the flowers. The caterpillar was not trying to be mean he
was trying to get her to think.
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The flowers, for sure.
I always hated that part sad
The caterpillar was at least kind of funny - the flowers were just hateful.
I think the flowers lol the catipillar was being mean because he was trying to get her to think wink
exactly my thoughts! emotion_awesome
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the talking flowers but the catipillar was creepy
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The Flowers. I loved the caterpillar! <3
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The Caterpillar was more apathetic to the point of not caring about Alice's feelings than anything else. The flowers, on the other hand, were genuinely malicious.
talking flowers 3nodding

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