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I just wanna b***h slap them.
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Smoking Catepillar I DON'T LIKE HIM.
the talking flowers they are bitches
talking flowers! D':
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I'd definitely agree with the talking flowers being the worst. They were petty just to be petty, not to be constructive. >_>;
The flowers. Thier SNOOTY!! DX
The caterpillar was just being helpful. Sometimes, you have to be a little rude to get stuff through peoples' heads. The flowers were definitely worse. They were rude just for the sake of being rude.
Absoluem (Caterpillar) wasn't mean. He actually helped Alice and told her what to do; and his help was actually more helpful than the Cheshire Cat whom just got her in worse trouble. If anything he's the only on that made any goddamn sense. He just corrected her lessons such as as the Little Crocodile, You Are Old Father William, the Busy Bee, etc..(Off of the book)

In the cartoon: Absoluem was still the only one that actually helped her.

Tim Burton movie: Wasnt mean at all. Just wise. Not nearly Alice was probably the meanest thing he said, but meaning that she wasn't herself.
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{I don't think the flowers were very helpful, at least not in the Disney version. And they even ridiculed Alice because she wasn't oen of them. At least Absoluem gave her something helped her to a degree.}

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"Don't try to excuse yourself by saying you're 'doing it for someone else's sake'"

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Flowers crying
Those flowers were so mean >.<
the flowers
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The flowers were just bratty. The caterpillar was simply frustrating and drugged-up...

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