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Heyy I love both of'em.
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i like the chesire cat because...idk i just like him mrgreen
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uhmm i think there both share the qwsome equalaltiy smile ))
there both awsome: heart
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My heart belongs to the Chesire cat
he is definitely more insane but the Cheshire cat is cool to cose he is very freaky. that smile creeps me out lol. razz
I think that the mad hatter is better then cat beacause hes more insane
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the chishire cat, definately. the mad hatters cool, and i do like johny depp, but the cheshire cat is way creepier. XD
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i'd definately choose the mad hatter. i saw his hat at a hot topic, a few weeks ago!!! it was so sick!!! rofl biggrin
mad hatter becuz he is awesome
cheshire cat. biggrin
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i would have to agree with the gaia people the d hatter is more twisted and insane than the Cheshire cat i mean i cannot agree more than a great actor is playing him but with out a doubt you have got to believe that the hatter is more impulsive than the cat you have more insanity in him 3nodding
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hatter definetly the oddest cooler than cheshire but cheshire saved hatters life so without cheshire no hatter so cheshire
I'm all for the Cheschire Cat. He's cool and mysterious 4laugh

And he did save Hatter's Life 3nodding
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Mad Hatter is cool!!
The cat is soooo cute!!!
I wanna hug him!!!
I LOVE the Cheshire Cat but the Mad Hatter has always been my personal favorite!! biggrin

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