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i saw an upside down crescent moon the other night and guess what my first thought was.
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*raises hand*
I do...
I love in the movie when Hatter is set up to be killed and Cheshire uses his head and floats up. Lol best Cheshire moment
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awwwww i love the chesire cat heart
I DO!!!!! heart
Best. Character. Ever. biggrin
the Cheshire cat is really cool. i think it's my favorite character. and it has its air of mystery to it biggrin
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Better question: Who does not like the Cheshire Cat?
The Cheshire Cat is by far the most my most favorite character in Alice and Wonderland. There's no need to go into explanations, I'm quite sure many people agree as they will.
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OH OH OH ME ME ME ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wan't this cat for my home heart dramallama
:cat_ cat_smile cat_smile cute: I love him so much!!!!!
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*waves hand in air frantically, while yelling "I do, I do!"*
He iz cool
i wove him with my heart! cat_smile emotion_bigheart :

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