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i lived the chesire cat and the jabberwocky :3
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Now that I think about it, the new one is a bit confusing..
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I thought the visuals were stunning.

But other than that, I hated every minute of it.

Makes me so glad I didn't waste my money going to see it when it came out.

Johnny Depp just didn't play...a mad person very well. :/ Oh yeah, he's got "mood swing to split personalities" down pretty good, but that doesn't cut it with me for being insane. ]:

The only character who really acted mad in the entire movie was the March Hare. NOW if I had seen Depp acting like that, I would have been mildly entertained and convinced of his sanity. However, I found his performance rather dull and only suited more towards a romance with Alice that was heavily implied for fangirls. G. O. D.

Also...why the make up? I hated that. They made him like some *****...]: The mad hatter is not a clown. He is supposed to be insane, not funny. Well, I suppose in his insanity he is funny, BUT HE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE HE JUST WALKED OUT OF A GOTHIC CIRCUS.


Anyway, the story was bland, the characters were bland. Cheshire Cat was....mildly entertaining. But overall, a very forgettable experience. ]:
i liked it because of the story line buuut i hate that she's too grown up and why she had to "get married" what did that have to do with what happen in wonderland.
I loved the new look they had for the Cheshire cat. cat_mrgreen
I hated she left and left all of them hanging, however..
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I liked Johnny Depp, he was the star of the movie and without him the movie wouldn't have been good, he acted his part very well and I loved the quirky dance of his at the end!

I disliked the storyline and the changes they made, because the original was about a curious but courageous young girl called Alice who goes into Wonderland and starts questioning things, she discovers who she is and finds out a lot of interesting things. Lots of word play and humour with bits of philosophy involved. Wonderful book.

Meanwhile the movie was about a girl called Alice who's half mad, and goes into wonderland where she is chosen to battle. I feel they just wanted to make a epic movie with lots of epic graphics and 3D effects, that they completely forgot about the storyline.
I loved everything! but i wish she didnt leave..
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Alice didn't really stand out as the hero. The movie didn't have much depth, and it only was pretty to look at.
Um..Johnny was really good of course. Made the film worth seeing. Helena was funny, Ches was cute...I also liked the ending.
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I loved the movie, it was a little sad to see her leave Wonderland but nice to see her find the courage to stand on her own feet. Then again, I absolutely hate the book.
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I liked how the Cheshire cat looked, but other than that...I like the 1951 version better...I was kind of expecting it to be pretty much the same, but modernized a bit maybe. Then when I bought the dvd and watched it, I had to rewatch the beginning a few times to finally understand that it's pretty much a sequel, which didn't make much sense to me.

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