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I've always been partial to the hatter but I also like the cat. However when it comes to Tim Burton's interpretation of Alice I have to say I prefer Johnny Depp's presentation of the hatter. He gave the character a dimensional personality and portrayed it effectively.
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Cheshire Cat, especially his new design.
the cheshire cat
Aphotic Wonderland
Well it depends on what Alice in Wonderland you're talking about.

The original one I like Cheshire Cat.

But the one with Johnny Depp, I like the Mad Hatter.

Haha~ I'm so weird x3

I agree also~ Johnny was so good in that role, but the Cheshire Cat is the definite favorite in the original.

Yup, definitely.. haha i like the mad hatter in the tim burton movie thought cheshire cat was also awesome in the movie.. =''3
in the anime of Pandora Hearts, Mad Hatter all the way, but in all the novels and movies its all abt the Cheshire Cat cat_biggrin
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I tend to prefer Cheshire because he's so delightfully creepy but in the original book I liked how Alice and Hatter basically hated each other in a very dignified, very Victorian manner.

I do love Hatter's outfits though (regardless of what movie/book).
mad hatter especially with johnny depp
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They're my two favourite characters so I want to pick both. But if I have to choose, then the Chesire Cat.
My favorite has always been the Cheshire Cat. heart
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The Cheshire Cat is my favorite.
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Cheshire Cat!!
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i like the cheshire cat the most whee
mine's thechesire cat.... heart
Definitely the Cheshire Cat cat_blaugh
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Cheshire cat is awesome.

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