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i agree with ya 3nodding
Never show any emotion thoughout the whole movie except blank?
I mean I the most she showed was A tinsy wensy little drop of anger.

Anyone else with me?
Her acting wasnt good I give her 0/5 stars but movie 5/5 stars
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Maybe you weren't looking hard enough. British actors are quite odd...they are very well known for "not showing any emotion". But...if you know what you're looking for, it's there. The twitch of an eye...the inflection of a word. It's all there. Truly.

And I do believe that this has been said...but she had convinced herself it was a dream. One that she'd been having for YEARS. It would get a little redundant after a while, don't you think?
And I thought she was a great Alice.
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i agree.. and ive watched this movie about 35 times. she is not the best actor. id give her 1/10 1 for her wardrobe
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No, it is not just you. I hated that film. She is very stale. That toast needed a little jam.
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hmhm.It's my belief that Tim Burton had her act that way to show just how one side and flat you can be if something like 'imagination' was taken away.Her father embodied the whimsical side of her and when he died she fell victim to the strict conformity of her mother's societal world.She regained herself in slaying the jabberwock,which could be viewed as said conformity.She had also found a father figure in the hatter,one that supported her to be herself to her full potential.At the end she regained her full personality,becoming more assertive and creative.
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She was awesome during the movie
she was a bit emotionless but i think it was part of the hole ''dark'' thing going on whee
no youre the only person to notice this
nobody watching this film ever had that thought cross their mind
thank you for educating us on this phenomena of bland performance in a film i feel really enlightened

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no opinion really
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ma favourite book and movie
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Yea, the only thing she had going for herself was that she looked like an Alice and was pretty.. HEr acting wasn't that good. But still better than Kristen Stewart wink

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