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THE new VERSION!!!! biggrin DD 3-D rocks!
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THE new VERSION!!!! biggrin DD 3-D rocks!
There is an amazing version of Alice in wonderland called Malice in wonderland its a more modern version that is awesomely messed up
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i knw alice madness returns alice in wonderland ( tim burton) and disney alice in wonderland
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I really enjoyed the Alice in Wonderland (Disney Live Action) heart
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I like Heart No Kuni No Alice, personally (Alice in the Country of Hearts); But if videogame versions count, then I'd have to say the most recently released Alice: Madness Returns is my favorite of all.
I am in heart LOVE heart with Heart no Kuni no Alice (alice in the country of hearts)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blood Dupre is so awesome!!! I mean, a mad hatter MAFIOSO?????? epicX(a number that doesnt exist)
lol, it is by far my favourite version of alice in wonderland. me and my friend are actualy gunna cosplay and watch the movie while having a Mad Tea Party. yeah. we love it that much.
i cant wait till the movie comes out!!!!!!! have any of you seen the trailer?
i want her to end up with Blood!!!! for any of you that havent read this most amasing manga.....

read it!!!!!!!!!!! XD youll fall in love.
gomennasai for my rant... *bows*
i love the 2009/2010 version cause its very different it involves the red queen kidnapping humans or "oysters" and sucking their emotions into bottles. biggrin
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Its a trick one but its between the original, the live action(revealed more of the actual story than the cartoon), and the new dark one they came out with: madness returns
I think that if we combine them all it would be the most amazing masterpiece ever!
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My favorite version is the 1999 TV movie Alice in Wonderland with Tina Majorino. She plays an amazing Alice. Her costume is even the most unique of all the versions. The film is like both of the books combined. Martin Short plays the Mad Hatter and is THE best one ever. Also, Whoopi Goldberg makes the most fantastic Cheshire Cat. This movie gets the atmosphere, settings, coloring, music, and casting so right. It's just beautiful and surreal, and worth watching over and over.
u absolutly heart the live action one, but there is also one where alice grew up and so did wonderland. its a Grimm version and all the characters have murderous intentions.

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