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Alice in the Country of Hearts
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I ultimately prefer the original.

I'm a fan of American McGee's Alice, although I've only played the second (I don't have a PC...)

Tim Burton had some great character designs, and it worked really well when it didn't make sense, but completely fell flat when they tried to give it a plot. I really hate the whole "you have to accept your destiny" crap too. I wish one of these days, a character would just say "******** the prophecy, this is MY life," like Alice was apparently not strong enough to do.
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There's a made-for-TV version of Alice in Wonderland with Martin Short, Gene Wilder, and Whoopi Goldberg (I think it's on Netflix right now actually). It's my absolute favorite. It's probably one of the weirdest, but also the closest to the book :]
American Mcgee's Alice
Alice in Wonderland has got to be my favorite story of all time. biggrin I love every single one that was made (that I knew of, which have been already stated)
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I liked the syfy version,
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The 1951 animated Disney version is still the best one.
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+ American McGee's Alice
+ American McGee's Alice:Madness Returns
+ Tim Buton's Alice in Wonderland
+ Alice in the Country of Hearts
heart heart heart heart heart
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I haven't read the book yet, but I do want to read it.

I love the Disney version though.
Alice in Wonderland (Disney Live Action) whee
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I quite like the Alice in Wonderland (Disney cartoon). Ah, classic. emotion_kirakira
i got to say i love the game versions of alice in wonderland like american mcgee's alice and alice madness returns its so corrupted and twisted but so totally awesome twisted heart cat_mrgreen gaia_kittenstar
I LOVE the new Alice in Wonderland, Haha, I couldn't even tall it was Johnny Depp!!! ^.^
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I haven't seen the original, so maybe I am talking smack for no reason but...I wish someone out actually make an Alice that followed the original story. No interpretation, or added characters, or changed storyline; just a movie based on the book. The book was good enough and creepy enough and silly enough as was.
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Tim Burton's version of Alice In Wonderland heart

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