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Don't you just love him ♥
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Actually Im writing a book thats like a sequel to Alice, and Chessur is one of the villains. Kinda, he's being controlled but still. He f**** things up.
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I love the Chesire Cat. Even more sense that pic of Ikuto as the Chesire cat. ^^ cat_4laugh emotion_kirakira
Me encanta el gato de chesire, aunque me da algo de miedo, en especial cuando sonrie... (escalosfrios)Windows XP:
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Aww... I love Cheshire Cat!!! He looks soo cheesey, He has to be either my first or second Character
(its Tied between the Mad Hatter)

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the cheshire cat is the best creature ever even in different versions like timburton the disney or american mcgees alice! im actually obsessed to the point of cosplaying as the cat!

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He's probably my favorite character in the story. While it's suggested that he's a good guy, I can't help but feel there's a wickedness to him that's a little less innocent.
But in any case, sitting in trees and dishing out riddles is a pretty sweet gig.
LOVE CHESH. he is just so amazing.
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chesire..is my life blaugh
cat_3nodding That I do.
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He's fricken awesome! heart User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
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I love the Cheshire Cat too. If you know the anime Pandora Hearts it's sad. About Cheshire.
I love him! He's soooo cuteeee!!! heart
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Yeap! Chesh is so lovely and amazing. n_n'

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