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Awesome emotion_drool
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nice !!! the cake look all some
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best cake ever biggrin
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Wow, that looks so professional!
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OMFG! Im so jellies
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oh my god eek

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Good effort. I think what really sells the cake's look is that second tier, well, in my opinion.
Quick question, how did you create the Queen of Hearts and the cardsmen?
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That looks amazing! Great job~ wink
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woah its realy cool your pretty asswell
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Fantastic work. I'm a baker myself (home, not professional) and I know from experience it's not always easy to do the decorating bit. But that cake is gorgeous, and very true to the source. I love it.
Come to my house and never leave. Make me cake....FOREVER biggrin
Frosting, details,spectacular.
You should have post the photo of a cake slice too.
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Oh .. Oh my God. OH MY GOD. I LOVE THIS. Aaahh. It's so cool! You combined two of my favorite things, baking and Alice in Wonderland. <3 You are amazing.

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