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I love the manga heart
I've only read the manga the new season of black butler came out and I don't have time to watch Pandora hearts sad
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The manga is amazing.
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yes I have
I have watched Pandora Hearts like 3 or 4 times! xD
I love it!
loved the anime! Awesome anime!
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The anime was great, but the manga is so much better. I'm sad that we're coming so close to the finale of it, though. I've been obsessed with this series for 6 years, now.
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Pandora hearts is a very meaningful anime/manga. I love the OST and cried ( a lot ) when
Xerxes Break died ;u;
ikr... Pandora hearts is great but what about Alice in the country of hearts, spades, diamond, and clover. those series are also great. heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart blaugh biggrin biggrin
mee... and I think the anime is twisted in a good way
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Pandora Hearts is my bae. It's definitely one of my favorite mangas next to 7 Seeds.

The manga is 1000x better than the anime. The anime is great on its own, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't even compare to the way the manga ties everything together. The releases of these last volumes have been super slow, though. I'd re-read the manga while I wait if my heart could handle those emotions a second time lol The headhunter arc still gets me.

It's a really interesting how it references back to Alice in Wonderland and the sequel, though. There are a lot of very small references that are heavily implied but will probably never be verified-

like Lacie being Humpty Dumpty. Alice has two cats that are black and white and their mother, Dana, who she thinks was Humpty Dumpty in the rabbit hole (abyss). The two Alices in PH are white/blue and black/red, Lacie was their mother, and chains were originally people who fell into the abyss, so it makes sense that she would have become a chain.

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