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sugoi milady desu dollie
i watched the whole anime and i was like OMG, but i didn't really like the way it ended. The manga was so much better. mrgreen

dont say WAS say IS. The manga IS still being written! ....sorry i'm like a super pandora hearts fan sweatdrop

it's ok don't worry biggrin
I LOVE Pandora Hearts! biggrin
I have the 5th volume, but I'm hoping to get the rest of the volumes!
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I LOVE THE CHESHA NEKO HE IS SO SEXY!!!!!!!!!!! cat_rofl cat_razz
SO SAD THA HE DIED cat_cry cat_crying
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"I'd like it more if they finished it." :/
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im gunna start it after im done with getting caught up to my freind on homestuck smile
yep i watch it is all cool and twisted! heart who made this show anyway its awesome dude! blaugh
Oh my gosh I love Pandora Hearts! I've been reading the manga and its amazing!

aw I havent gotten to read the manga yet. and the anime hardly tells anything. sad
Kimico Angelic
Ofcourse ~


biggrin !
Hell yea.
<3 Pandora Hearts.

Yeah I think pandora hearts is my kinda manga/anima. creepy and suspensefull and all that. 8D
The manga is awesome. <3 I'd advise having tissues available at all times, though. It gets pretty rough in some places.

aw man I wish I could find the manga in stores around here. ;(
I've just gotten into the Pandora hearts anime, and I think it's an awesome twist on the story. Any one here watch it? =P

Me exclaim Meeeeee~ I watched it and at first I was horrified because of all the gruesome scenes, then I accidentally related all these with Pandora of mythology, and Alice in Wonderland. I found it interesting because somehow i can relate to the characters- I began to watch it and became addicted to it. I finished it to the end, and now I'm reading the manga which is more complex, which is what makes me like it all the more Ireally love it~ heart heart heart heart xp xp xp whee whee whee

Yeah I absolutely love the twisted alice in wonderland story. XD so original!
heart heart heart yeah it is so cool i love the manga! but that twist make my head explode O_O (not literary) hehe i'm so sad T^T for alice and oz and everyone else :S crying crying crying

I love it too! And I also read that part and am looking forward to finding out the truth about all this and how it will end. whee

I dont think ill find out. *sigh* poor me lol
sailor mew berry

biggrin THAT AWESOME lol
gold gold gold lmao smile

XD me too sorta

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