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So...ive watched the walkthrough for the game and i absolutly LOVE it i want the game for myself whee but i dont have the console for it emo

but.....off that. i want to hear your comments about the game. My favorite thing about the game is the backstory. where alice is suffering from her family's death and her wonderland falling apart is what keeps me coming back for more PLEASE BRING A SEQUEL scream
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The game is also on the PC.
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The game is also on the PC.

Yep it's on PC. But you should probably make sure your computer meets the requirements to run the game before you buy it.
i was alice in wonderland for halloween i was so cute tehe 4laugh
i completed it. good game, you should get it
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I recently started playing this game, and I love it! It's so much fun. The art is fantastic. The gameplay is pretty simple. heart
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The game is also on Pc, Like steam,
Well if you have a good computer that can run it.
It's about $29.99 right now
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I got it as a xmas gift and my computer after about 50 mins stuffs up ;___; Enemies will disappear on me and so on and so forth. It's quite amusing battling invisible enemies but that's what happens when I didn't look at the required RAM to run it lul

Other than that it is quite enjoyable xD It's certainly a different take and yet it keeps that spontaneous feel that the books have.
You realize that this game is a sequel, right? Have you seen the first one?
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madness returns is amazing. i love it. get it, definitely
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Chessires lines are most definitely some of my favorites. whee
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Personally as a fan of American McGee's Wonderland series, I find Madness Returns was a pretty big flop compared to American McGee's Alice. AMA had a much more organic quality where nothing was expected, rich with crazy puzzles, enemies that moved as though they lived and none of it was cute like in AMR. AMA also has a much more better soundtrack that elevates the Wonderland feel on so many levels. AMR had a lot going for it, but with all the commercials and from the sounds of it, a lot of lost/wasted time, they couldn't fit in a lot of amazing characters and level features. If they do make an Alice 3, I would like to be given something much better than AMR. Or at least they focus on the game instead of advertising.
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If you're looking for story and art, then this is a wonderful game. If you've got a ps3, then the first one, American McGee's Alice, can be downloaded free off a new copy. I must recommend playing AM's Alice first though.

But as I was saying; Madness Returns is beautiful visually, the story is pretty good, and the combat system, while kind of samey after a while, is overall decent. Then again, I played them both back-to-back, so my opinion may be slightly skewed.

The first one was enthralling(if only for the frustrating gameplay sometimes) and the story itself fairly constant.
If you do play the first one though, take my advice: save every five minutes or less. The autosave frequency was the first one's biggest challenge; more than close-in combat.

But I digress. Honestly, the game is mediocre in platforming and variety of gameplay. Other than that; beautiful game. I recommend at least trying it if you're an art or story junkie.
(like me, heh...)

Yours sincerely,

Bhelliom Blue-Rose
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The game is beautiful but what is really disappointing is the lack of difficulty during battle. The most trouble i ever had while playing the game was jumping across ledges which is what the game mostly consists of. The game is available for the Playstation 3, the Xbox 360, and the PC, you shouldn't have trouble trying to find it.

In all honesty, the game is not worth anything over $30 because of the lack of gameplay, it was too short and too easy. It is mostly just a game of art but it is a nice game to play to pass the time on a very slow day.

If you do consider buying it, like BhelliomBlue-Rose said, the PS3 version does come with a free copy of the first game but you don't need to play the first game to understand Madness Returns because it is self explanitory.

I hope you do enjoy it if you chose to buy it. ^.^
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I agree about the lack of difficulty, especially with some of the secret dresses, it made it way too easy.

But I enjoyed it. I think changing it from a happy fairytale to a morbid, despondent story was a great idea. I'll admit, I got very caught up in the story line, hoping to see each new twist to the story. Also, one can't help but feel Alice's slow mental breakdown as the game progresses.

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