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alice emotion_awesome
pm for a cute alice in wonderland roleplay ?
Alice in Wonderland! heart
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Alice in wonderland 2010, sorry guys to be honestly I can't pick Twilight ...cause the movies have been to set on Edward,Bella and jacob love BS. Alice in wonderland has great CGI and story line to it that everyone can enjoy.Plus it can't be matched with Twilight cause the facts are its a well known classic remade... its been around longer.
Alice!! ^o^ heart Twilight can't be compared, Alice in Wonderland has always been very well liked, plus, it's a classic! mrgreen
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        Obviously, Alice In Wonderland. But, how is Twilight and Alice In Wonderland anyway similar enough to be compared? I guess the fantasy aspect of it, but that's about it.
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alice in wonderland
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Alice In Wonderland, defently, defently Alice! 3nodding
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i say alice more cat_smile cat_smile cat_smile cat_smile cat_smile cat_smile
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alice blaugh heart whee whee whee whee 3nodding 3nodding 3nodding 3nodding 3nodding
Wait... why are they even being compared? Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is such an amazing novel, and Twilight is just... some chick's fantasy dream. Alice actually has meaning and is literature, it's absolutely brilliant.
How can you compare them? Alice is a classic book, and so much better.

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