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Has anyone ever read the manga, "Alice in The Country of Hearts"? It is a great manga, based on the story Alice in Wonderland!!
NO,Is It Good.
Yes...very...if u like romance, guns, action, cats, rabbits, and blood...
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NO,Is It Good.
OMG IT IS VERRRY GOOD. but its kinda for girls (guys not might be interested). Here's the link: Heart no Kuni no Alice Manga heart
i've read the books and i LOVE them!!!! heart my fav. character is Boris, but Blood is really cute...
My favorite character is Boris too, but I think Peter is just kinda...stalkerish...but it is cute how he is always by Alice's side, constantly following her.
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It was a fun series. The movie was pretty okay too. I wish the Circus people had more screen time though, especially Gowland.
I've read and watched Heart no Kuni no Alice before and let me tell you something... IT IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!! heart

(I have my eye on Elliot) 4laugh
Where do you watch the anime? I couldnt find it...
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Hey there,

I found the so called anime here ==> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFVQ131jAVY

Enjoy! cat_razz
I love the book I just can't find the last book
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heart heart Boris forever heart heart
I love the book I just can't find the last book

I loved it too!! But I REALLY want to read the last book! Why cant they scanlate it to English faster?! xp
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"I do really like that series."
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its my fave manga! heart my fave character is Boris whee i also love the twins, Eliot and Ace heart Blood is coll but i kinda hated him...

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