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Aekea rocks.

Hello My Fellow Aekeas!
I love you guys, I'm serious.
Some of you guys wore out your keyboards to get a good score on the Rejected Olympics.
Some of you guys didn't eat at all until you got to your goal.
Some of you decided to hold free art, create a profile, contests, etc, Just For The Team Spirit.
You guys rock! Each and everyone of you!
BURNT TOAST!!! FTW!!! blaugh

Got it memorized?
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My thoughts exactly. If you all have Town pride, try out The Aekean Town Guild. Stay in touch with your fellow Aekeans, Participate in town events, get in the know about anything and everything that goes on in our great town.
I love you fellow Aekeans~ crying
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I already joined awhile ago mrgreen
Current Quest is Liam's Underwear heart
My Quest Thread
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Aekea rocks.

54topdawg54: xD I joined that guild already.
Halina Izumi: I love you too! -hugs you-
Rebellious Chin: I've probably said this already, but I do hope that you get Liam's underwear!

Got it memorized?
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I love all of your guys as well!Only Aekean's could win with such grace...Only we would be pleased by a trophy with Toast on it!

Let the others have their lame metal ones....after all,We're so hot we're the reason the toast is burnt!
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Aekea rocks.

MrMcFlurganHiemern II: xD Hitler?
Lady_Bloodheart: When your sexy as us, your always a winner. ^-^

Got it memorized?
You got that right Sweetheart!*winks*Besides...why join any other team..let me draw a chart..

Barton:They have a Cat and old man Logan..need I say more?
Durem:Edmund and an emo vampire...enough said
Isle de Gambino:Must I remind people of WHERE those brain-eating grunnys came from?I didn't think so.

Aekea:Liam and Toast.Totaly enough said!

So as one can plainly see,we rock the hardest
well guys.. will miss this gym.. will miss u all.. but we will work again next year!! and we will kick a**!!! meanwhile.. i enjoy seeing the envy of everyone for our unique trophys!! ehehehhe
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Aekea rocks.

Lady_Bloodheart: Ooo! A chart!
Hell ya we do!
El_Pul: Ah yes, and don't forget Liam! wink

Got it memorized?

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