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Gold for Aekea!

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Why do you think we failed Aekea?

I think we failed because we got a lot of users who played just for the items or not at all.

I think I did well. I didn't just try for the items, I also tryed to raise my overall score. My overall score ended up being 8.17; not the best, but definatly not bad.
we failed?
We haven't officially failed yet.
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Distinct Gaian

As far as I can tell, we came in last.

And unless last is good in this case, we failed.
we may have lost, but damnit we lost in the sexiest manner humanly or robotically possible. I don't call that a failure!
Well you have to consider that the other teams are constantly improving their scores as well. You can't just say it's entirely our fault. It's a competition; there has to be a winner, and thus a loser a team in last place....

plus we made it look sexy!
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We still don't know twisted
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We didn't come last, just... differently first!

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Fail is such a harsh word.
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geez. its just a game. dont take team battle so seriously that it upsets you

some fun jesting is all thats needed
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I don't think we FAILED :B

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Black and White, will win the fight.
FINAL Overall Average= 9.54
we didn't lose; we just didn't win.
it was a close game. at least we didn't have an average score of 4.
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Do vegetarians
We didn't fail! surprised
If we lose our Aekean spirt, than we fail. :3
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I know I did MY damnedest...

I have three accounts, and the scores
are as follows: 9.15, 8.98, and 8.85.....

I feel pretty in the Green... sweatdrop

Why are our scores so low?
IDK.... gonk

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