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Gold for Aekea!

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i dont think we failed at all we had fun and we gave it are all thats all that counts
even if we came in last we had fun
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Aekea Fatcat

We didn't fail. This was the plan all along.

Being the loser rejects from the rejected Olympics means we are teh awesome.
We may not win, but eh. It'll just be some boring prize.
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Aekea Warrior

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  • Marathon 300
Maybe other teams put their mules into Aekea and purposely got low scores for them?
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Timid Phantom

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  • Invisibility 100
  • Sausage Fest 200
Because some people don't get 10s on drive off the cliff. : |

Butrly, I blame Durem/no motivation.
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Technically, by being in fourth place, we win backwards. surprised

I know it doesn't make much sense, but I'll go by that logic. xd
we may have lost, but damnit we lost in the sexiest manner humanly or robotically possible. I don't call that a failure!

Hells yeah
I played each day a good 8 or 9 times.

On each day a new day came out.

Yes, I know. My hands hurt.

That's called effort. Seriously. You're just being a punk. I'm sure everyone else here gave it their best. Those games were just bizarre. (Like WarioWare.)

Besides, Aekea only got last this year because we're awesome and like it on the bottom. Oh yeah, bebbeh.
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Wheezing Genius

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i just went for all the items sweatdrop
but an overall 8.69 is decent
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Profitable Prophet

o: Iunno but I still wouldn't have chosen any other team but Aekea :'D otherwise.
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  • Alchemy Level 1 100
my average is 9.04 biggrin
Well...we're in last place. That's not...too bad. xD

I think it's just because there aren't as many people...
Okayy first we can still win this....all of us just have to put more time into playing the games over and over again and do there best! Also what is there to be putting ourselves down for we are like the sexiest people in on gaiaonline hello! I know why were not winning look at our population for the team.... we don't have that many people. My sisters team have over 200,000 people and we have like 80,000...... thats sad so we need more people to try and win this thing ..... I will not have the sexiest team and get 4th place i don't think so. I could live with 3rd but not 4th! So we have to fight for this! scream SOOO GO PLAY GAMES!!!!!!!
well i did the best i could, so don't blame me... it's unfortunate... but isn't just a game, just for fun?

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