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[******** yeah, Seth Green.

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uhmmm. idk cheese_whine
Ah uhmm. Eh
I said some weird stuff
It's really awkward now
I agree.
It's only fair, right? xP

Laughing Platypus rolled 10 100-sided dice: 97, 57, 68, 69, 22, 12, 80, 26, 47, 55 Total: 533 (10-1000)

I loves your siggy!
Syn Shadow has joined the team ninja

Now i must ask... when do we get to do the third round of games? cause it won't let me.
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Pocky Drug
I need more believers! D8<
I believe in Harvey Dent... I mean Aekea!
you get to the third round the third day. also known as TOMORROW.
Im not shouting at you. it is just black and white, Aekea's colors
No problem thanks for letting me know.

Laughing Platypus rolled 10 100-sided dice: 27, 27, 97, 55, 53, 99, 95, 15, 11, 13 Total: 492 (10-1000)

User ImageWe Have Liam & Sam,
Orcs & Aliens,
And Kickass Robots.
How could we possibly lose?

D: < Aekea's in the enemy's gym! *kickass music in the background* D;< ...


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Try to beat that.
Durem's going down this year.
Black and White will win the fight.
Syn: your welcome
Platypus: Lol, go aekea!
Little alex: Wtf?
it completely died... wahmbulance

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