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Go Aekea peoples! D< Black and White will win the Fight!
I can't believe we're in third. This is terrible. LET'S GO GO GO!
I'm starting to get sick of these games. D;
Hoo rah! Hoo rah! Hoo Ray! Hoo Ray! Hoo Ray!
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Lets show Durem members what Aekea is really all about!
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Hey, I'm trying ._. Stuck at 6.88. My mouse can't move fast enough!
could a body close the mind out?
stitch a s e a m across the eye?

I can't believe how far behind we are.
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o.o1 away from taking the lead from Durem last I checked... and we're still back in the 4.os. DX

unzip my body take my h e a r t out—
cause I need a beat to give this tune...

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Hey everyone!
here... xd
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My overall score is 9.17. I'm doing my part 3nodding
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Hey everyone!
I'm using your banner in my profile... blaugh
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SRsly are all ATers for aekea?

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I KNOW RIGHT!? the f#$k is this!? were losting to emo bitches n'cutesy crap...this s'a shame t'all things mechanical.

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