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So, how have things been going for everyone? <(^w^)>
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Poorly? >_>
Is it because the robot called you a mean name? .__.
WTF Robo
I believe the tension is based on the fact that the Durem meats are nearly triple our number and are all tremendous douche bags.
User ImageDeePee is a fact

    exactly; they probably have half the number of athletes on their team so if we want to beat them we better stay up night and day clicking a pointing >8' |

I know it from my learnings
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No cause these damn Olympics are a Jip! Your not centered an when you are you glitch out. An can you say Seizure! OMG!
Well... if that's what make people happy... I'LL DO MY BEST?

William C.: Yeah, but I only play for the items... then again, I can always buy the items in the marketplace!
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Hi. ^^

Umm, I'm bored. And I kind of suck at the Olympic games.

Overall score: 6.73 crying
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Once all the items are out they tend to fall like rocks.... I mean when they first come out yeah 1-5k but once the event is under way? 1-5 gold. biggrin

Makes Purchasing Event items easy though its sad to see event items go for so cheap.
Kiiloy: You did better than me; 6.29. .__.

William C.: Yeah, but that's the glory of it!
In a few years, they be pretty expensive... depending on how it looks... and how many years went by. :3

Uh, good and how are you?
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I thought an event like this would make people more sportman/sportswoman like..but sadly, I was mistaken... crying
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I must admit Last years shirts were nice though they didn't fit with most pants. Thus I'm not wearing mine... But I have all of them from last year bought for 200 gold per shirt. Cept Aekea cause that was my team then. smile
I'm alright, but I'll be back to the Okay status when I complete my goal~
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Mars-San: When it comes to competing with one another it seems all humans can do is act Unsportsmanlike. Very few even know what the word Sporting is. Hopefully this year people wont post "Cheater" threads in all the forums....
Mars: Don't worry, give it some more time. There will be plenty of people in the next few hours or so and then the real war begins! People will whine, insult, and cheat! And I will take my place on top of the Olympics as Overlord Pocky!

William C.: Uwaa, lucky! I have all four shirts also, but barton was at least 4,000 and the others in the 1-2k range.

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