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8 .. w00t for me 0.2987012987013 29.9% [ 46 ]
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Win a January 2008 Thank You Letter 2OK
By Bettering Your Scores!

Come on Aekea, let's see some spirit!

To get everyone's score up, I'm doing a raffle... with NO ENTRY FEE! (OMG it can't be true!)

All you have to do is take a screen shot of your score just post it (I trust you guys, it is the last day after all), which must be 8.50 or higher, and you get an entry into the raffle.
Score still not good enough? Click -here- for some awesome tips to raise those scores!

I changed the prize to 20k on Thursday, thought it might be more appealing to everyone. ^__^

Raffle will be drawn at the end of the Olympics. PMs will be sent to the winners.

For the current list of entries, see below.

PLEASE SPECIFY WHAT YOU ARE ENTERING IN (you may enter in both raffles, so long as you have score requirements).

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1 Edzemen
2 Chibi Pierceye
3 Slightly Maniacal
4 ryuichiX3
5 Marshie Funtime
6 Fynn Kilroy
7 Moony117
8 Casino Players For You 2
9 rikugirl13
10 Cannibal ConWe
11 Contagious Idiocy
12 Puke Queen
13 Craiku
14 Astyria
15 Hime Hina
16 equuleus9
18 IanCC
19 [.Lynx.t3h.Whack.]
20 [ Magic Marker ]
21 [ L u k a ]
22 `Simetra
23 Stabby McDoom
24 queserasara
25 King Henry
26 Virtues Lost
27 bolderthrower
28 Sorry PMSing
29 JCShikamaru
30 Pokemagician Amy
31 demonpimp
32 Takeda Ronin
33 Mattush
34 Amir de la Croix
35 THE Gofef
36 Darkk_AFN
37 Ai ChiiChii
38 dark_yokokitsune
39 greglewiggle
40 Amir de la Croix
41 Rappleart
42 Bear Holding a Shark
43 Username Wolf
44 Yarru
45 yinyangmatrix
46 McCann can triple - Winner
47 kiwee buu
48 Lord_Suiken
49 Kiyatato
50 Zileto
51 fabuleuse
52 ch0co_tea
53 xue_mist
54 N00dl3s
55 iiRock-Aber
56 Ladi Mi
57 wonderdummy
58 Roxorus


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Art Raffle

I'm going to raffle off THREE pieces of special request art from me. -devi- Most of this stuff is old, forgive me for the suckage (but quite frankly I've seen worse out there right now). The art pieces will be bust shots in color done with pencil crayons and/or copic markers. Completion time may vary depending on the complexity of the avatar.

For this, you need a score of at least 9.5! Raise those scores and post them!


1 THE Gofef
2 Darkk_AFN
3 Ai ChiiChii Winner #2
4 dark_yokokitsune
5 Amir de la Croix
6 Bear Holding a Shark Winner #1
7 Astyria Winner #3
8 kiwee buu
9 Rappleart
10 ch0co_tea
11 xue_mist
12 N00dl3s
13 Username Wolf
14 iiRock-Aber
15 Roxorus


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Free Art

Free art! w00t. Free art will be given, sans raffle, to anyone who posts (and asks) with an average of at LEAST 9.8 with any average!! Last day special! Stick around in the thread to up your chances

These will be shoulder shots, possibly done in color depending on complexity. I will try and have these posted ASAP, but my scanner lives at a friends house. I will do my best to upload them quickly. For samples, check the post above.

The free art will continue so long as these forums are kept up and running. ^__^ I just love to give!

Waiting List

1 dark_yokokitsune done
2 Darkk_AFN
3 Astyria (won raffle)
4 Bear Holding a Shark (won raffle)

5 kiwee buu
6 Rappleart done
7 Ladi Mi done
8 wonderdummy
9 yinyangmatrix done
10 IKR done

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Get your scores up, Aekea is too awesome to lose! GOGOGOGOGOGOGO!!!

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Overall Score:9.62
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Neat idea. Get those scores up, Aekeans!

By the way, you have a really cute avi. ^^

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Black and white
will win the fight!
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Supreme Visionary

Daw... thanks. ^__^

Both of you shall be added to zee list!
I'm still slowly raising it :]
And thanks for putting this on.
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Supreme Visionary

Slightly Maniacal
I'm still slowly raising it :]
And thanks for putting this on.

Added. ^__^

And whatever I can do to help. I just have a hoard of them sitting in storage anyways. ^__^
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surprised Awesome idea.

emo Unfortunately, Day Two's games are hard for me... I feel like I just took sleeping pills whenever I try to shoot the targets n' caps. xd
I just made it. -w-'


Still trying to improve it, though!
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Supreme Visionary

WTG Marshie.

As for the shooting games, I find clicking like mad is the best solution.. until I find a mouse. whee

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