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Im trying!! 0.45806451612903 45.8% [ 71 ]
Ive got myself a nice score 0.49677419354839 49.7% [ 77 ]
I decided stopping would be best for the team XD 0.045161290322581 4.5% [ 7 ]
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Logically Insane: 7/10 not bad^^
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Nice combination of colors! :'D

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Black and White, will win the fight.
FINAL Overall Average= 9.54
8/10 nice how you only used 2 colors instead of random ones
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Tenkou mitsuru tokoro ni ware wa ari,
yomi no mon hiraku tokoro ni nanji ari!
Ideyo, kami no ikazuchi!


Looks kind of newbie-like...the roman candle is kinda bulky, but it's a good start. I like the white/light blue.

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7.....so many things in ur avi.....
pretty darn awesome. looks great =3
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<3 Gwee.
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Tiny Victory

8/10 Very nice. You just need a little extra something... 3nodding
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I love the coco with wings <3 It's all pretty well put together
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I really cant see any kind of pattern or color work.
Either work with the purple and white, or some red. You really need to work on this avatar so it has some kind of tastefulness to it. Right now it doesnt look like you put much thought into your outfit.

Thank you captain obvious.
@True_Emo_Spirit: 7/10 ; I like the background stuff, but the pajamas and the buddies on your avatar's shoulders clash with the wrist accessories and rifle. It looks like he put on the wrong pair of clothes today ^_^

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