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booo akea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go Durem!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I donno who Akea is..... Hey Aekea help me find them please!!!
go akea you worthless team man i should`t of joined this team boo boo xp xp xp xp xp
lets at least try to get the gold trophy. stare
heart heart heart heart
Laughing Platypus lol to ur signature!! ehehhe.. that list of things.. u r god damned right!!! WE WON!! blaugh
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Aekea Fatcat

Who is Akea?
What are you people on about? How did you get onto this forum if you're not on Aekea? O>O

Grand spider99
go akea you worthless team man i should`t of joined this team boo boo xp xp xp xp xp
Yeah, I wish you hadn't joined the team, too.
I think the person who started the thread either gave it to friends to boo or posted the link in another forum telling them to boo. Who they were trying to boo I don't know because I've never heard of Akea.
Akea is a city/team competing in the rejected olympics.
not a person.
and no, the person who started this thread didnt give it to ppl to boo.
i found it on her page. i started booing bcuz i hate akea.

P.S. The person who started this thread is my gf. smile
Really..... Hmm..... I didn't know that there was an Akea compeating in the olympics....I've never heard of them.... So was there a 5th team then?
No there r 4.
Durem, Gambino, Akea, and Barton.
u know that. u have been posting all over akea forums.
No....I don't think I've ever posted in the Akea forums...Hmm....WAIT! So I've been fighting for a team that wasn't in the olympics! emo Oh man...That sucks..
what team is that??

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