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Any not a bunch of Durem buttkissers who only joined because "Durem is kewl" and think they are going to win. u.u -shakes fist- Besides, we got Liam. He's effing hawt.

Okay so I'm going to be drawing a few avi arts. I'm not drawing everyone, only the avatars I think are rad. So don't feel bad if I don't draw you. Probably just head shots o3o...

Feel free to draw my avatar.
or my Subeta Avatar.
Hehe, we also have orcs, which adds many awesome points.
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So true~!
I love you. :33
Aekea rules!

Aliens, Robots, and Orcs! OH MY!
AEKEA FTWLet's be nice to the other teasm though.
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Between the orcs and the robots and the Zurg [and Liam, and Sam, and Josie]. . . Well!

It's obvious that Aekea's got some pretty awesome points. I joined Aekea for the summer event and was mentally unable to switch to a different team. xD
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-cuddleloves BCM-

Glad to see you here! surprised

omg i have a mule in durem and theyre so boring...they thing theyre really cool i mean i went into the forum and try to put some spirit and they said that they didnt needed that cause they were cool...no offense but i cannot be with them...

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I want my avvie drawn por favor <333
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i hope i could get a free art..
but if not its ok...
i agree... Liam is hot...
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Well, I'm about as rad as I can make this without blowing a bunch of gold. xd
Oh Jesus, bombarded!

Anyway, I'm not being mean. I'm telling the truth. I choose my teams by whatever I want to be in. I mean, damn, I was in Gambino last year. We were like in 4th place by a billion points D:
im collecting aekea banners...if u have one that i dont have let me now...i have about 90 and going up
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No, no! You are the best.<3
and Liam is hawt stuffs. <3333333

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