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are you

yes 0.98850574712644 98.9% [ 86 ]
no 0.011494252873563 1.1% [ 1 ]
Total Votes:[ 87 ]
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I get this feeling your asking because you wish to flee.

I like my robots. And was a part of Barton last year. But the ******** up Ian's hair and made him ugly. I only joined because I loved Ian. I always favored the robots and Liam's shop over all else, so...

I'm staying here.

Bugger off, people who made 2 ugly vampires and ruined my favorite NPC. BUGGER OFF.
forshizzle, seeing how much everyone respects Aekea, Aekea got class, we're always on top ^^;
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Yes, robots FTW!
YESHHHH!!! I want my robots :3
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Most likely, yes.
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Friendly Bookworm

Hell yes! Once an Aekean! Always an Aekean!
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Generous Fairy

Aekea! Always and Forever!
"Once you go black and white, you don't go back with spite."

Oooo... I like that 3nodding
Yeeep. Even if we suck...The matter is simple..
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And now we have toast. We just rock terribly.
yay aekea : D
Dude. We were close to winning last year and we got a kickass trophy this year.

Hell yes.
oh hells yeah
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Of course! Who doesn't love the trophy, and the robots! I've supported aekea from the water fight to this...and I'll stick with it! We rule, 'nuff said. heart
Oh for sure.
Aekea FTW (:
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Aekea Citizen

Yes <3
Aekea rocks!

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