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are you

yes 0.98850574712644 98.9% [ 86 ]
no 0.011494252873563 1.1% [ 1 ]
Total Votes:[ 87 ]
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Oh of course, I was on Aekea last year, and will be from now on. Aekea's is the best and the most fun so I'm sticking to Aekea.
I'll be Aekean.

I love it here.
I will never defy the place that I belong.
hell yeah i can't leave sam!

IS that Killer7 in your sig?
On Topic: How could I leave? biggrin It's awesome to be aekean
Hellz yeah!
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I was on team Durem last year, and didn't have nearly as much fun as I did this year in Aekea. I'll definitely see you guys again next year.
I'd rather have my Arm cut off than join anyone else!
AEKEA FOR LIFE~~ heart heart
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That's a trick question right? I mean you actually asked us that?

I wish that they had tattoos to represent the teams. You'd rarely see me without mine on. I'll be with Aekea for as long as there is a Gaia.
Indubitably!... Wait I mean:

[******** JYEH!!
i can't resist checkers. 3nodding
I was with Aekea last year and I was with Aekea this year. I by no means am going to stop. My loyalty lies with Aekea.
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Of course~
Oh hells yeah. Even when we lose, we win. How can you top that?
So the general consensus is "Once you go Aekea you never go back." Good times.
So the general consensus is "Once you go Aekea you never go back." Good times.

"Once you go black and white, you don't go back with spite."

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