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Hey fellow Aekeans!
I just want you all to remember to show some class and to not flame other teams.
If you got class, show it by being respectful and not dissing anyone. Respect one another and encourage your fellow Gaians who may be on other teams. Afterall, we all are real people on here and we all have feelings. Last year, during our Summer Event 2k7, I noticed ALOT of rude comments flying back and forth from different teams. It really made the people flaming look like real idiots. So if you don't want to be an idiot, don't flame.

Here is the pledge:

Promise not to disrespect others and treat them the way you would want to be treated.

Its as simple as that. Just say " Sign me up!" or " I signed" or whatever to say you would like to take part in this pledge. Remember to keep it classy though.
The post below this one is an on going list of not only Aekeans, but also other Gaians who feel
the same way and want to see some more respect coming from all teams this year.
Just post to sign the pledge.

Those who have signed have pledge to show respect to others and to be courteous and kind to other team members. Please post if you would like your name on the list:

-Sacred Romance
-Miku Loves Shou
-Drew Thirte3n
-king O B E R 0 N
-fluff monster
-Teh Masterbation Song
-II Everlasting Rain II
-Kaze Mozokai
-xXSpiT - IT - ouTXx
-Ai ChiiChii
-Kato Regama
-x- UDY -x-
-Puke Queen
-M I L K -suru
-Atrum Krigare
-Temporary Control
-- Peach Tofu --
-Bread Freak
-Lord of Werewolves
-Phillippino Boy Ako
-[Magic Maker]
-Tarot-Le Arcana
-Lonely Emeraude
-Sketchy Chik
--Quilliam Fyre
-Kumo no Kage
-Zelos Peace
-Lady Lluvia
-Nalanah Sataril
-g0d aura
-[- Desert Rose -]
-xXBroken LuvXx
-Spiral Tuboflex
-Analogic Echo
-Strawberry Muffin Theif


If I didn't put you down, please PM me to let me know. cool

Who ever can bump the most on this thread will get:



Winner of 1st Bump Contest


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Aii ChiiChii
For an outstanding job for the most bumps
and dedication to the thread's on-going sucess.

The next contest bumpers will have the chance to the win the infamous olympic Angel Imp plushie! This contest will end exactly 12pm (noon Pacific Time) on July 26th.
Unfortunatly I won't be able to run the contest any longer after than.

I'll be doing some things with my family and I have a BIG move in with my boyfriend
a few states away. biggrin TODAY IS OUR ANNIVERSARY - TWO YEARS! Woot!!

Anyways, Keep up the great bumpage!
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Wheezing Fatcat

I sign <3

And I love your avie~~
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lol, it's just a game, shouldn't be taken too personally ^^
Honestly, I think the competition in itself is fun and that rivalry makes it that way. It'd be boring if everyone got along -all- the time.
could a body close the mind out?
stitch a s e a m across the eye?

I do solemnly pledge this.

unzip my body take my h e a r t out—
cause I need a beat to give this tune...

lol, it's just a game, shouldn't be taken too personally ^^
Honestly, I think the competition in itself is fun and that rivalry makes it that way. It'd be boring if everyone got along -all- the time.

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True, but I like to see other get along.
I know... drama and fighting is what makes things interesting, but when it gets too vicious and people become potty mouths - it looks idiotic. I just made this thread in hopes to encourage others to compete in friendly rivalry... and not nuclear wars.

    i totally agree
    & have been preaching that to my fellow aekeans~
    sign me up heart
Miki Loves Shou
I sign <3

And I love your avie~~

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Why thank you kindly! biggrin

I sign yo. <3

I signed ^_^
gonk I sign.
I'll sign. mrgreen
We're nobodies.
We've got no one to be--

I sign. ^^

Friendly competition is better than an all-out war.

--but we still "are."
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