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aekea ftw?

YES! 0.93197278911565 93.2% [ 137 ]
boooo~ 0.068027210884354 6.8% [ 10 ]
Total Votes:[ 147 ]
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zombie survival guide?
>.> where might I find such a thing?

Because Liam Loves Us So~

At Borders or on Amazon.com and the like.
The author is Max Brooks.
It's just fun to read because it's written so seriously~
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Because Liam Loves Us So~

And with that, I must go to bed...
My average score for today: 8.86.
I'm trying. xD

'Night everyone.
(Or very early morning, but I just want to sleep.)

have a good sleep blaugh
All the threads are dying.... Insomnia has its low points
it can't be helped too much though can it?
No, not really, just commenting out loud is all
well, whatever keeps threads moving~ whee
yea... I guess so... My duck is figeting
yea... I guess so... My duck is figeting

wait wait wait what?
I think I logged off at the wrong time o_o
*pokes the thread*
I KNOW you aren't dead
*poke poke*
*keeps poking thread*
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Go Aekea~ Go go Aekea~
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To erase the surface that reflects the moon called death ... Ah, from this never-ending eternal June.
Die... die... everyone die!
It repeats again and again, even when everyone keeps on fighting!Always, always we were caught up in a hopeless tragedy ...

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This endless June of shouwa 58.

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User ImageAekea!!!

**gets face paint**

Fight Fight Fight.

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Aekea will win! D;<
Durem shall fall!
So how's my team mates doing? xD

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