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Hm...I would be a vampire named Violet. Long purple hair and black and red eyes O_O
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I would be Asai, a 12 year old girl who is a cat princess (she's capable of turning into a cat when she wants) who accidentally marries the Ice King. But she hates the Ice King, so she physically abuses and tortures him!! She's in love with Jake!! 3nodding 4laugh whee heart
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Valter:A wizard with Elemental powers,He was once a hero,but turned evil when he used a ring that also gave him Immortality.He controls minds of any species to turn them into his soldiers.He is 1500+ years old,One of the survivors of the mushroom war,Known to control a army that has thousands of soldiers.
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purple lumps
mermaid princess xD she lives in the sea of Ooo
Not like the Mermaid Queen though... right?
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Valtiel the Watcher
The watcher.
A mysterious man who has seen the begining and will se the end of time. He is the silent observer and keeps a record of everything that happens. He looks like a man wearing a long black cloak that has a collar that covers his mouth. His skin is a pale blue, his hair is black and his ees are gold within red
Wait, itsn't that from Mad?
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Mine would definitely be a knight of the Breakfast Kingdom.

Specifics other then that are undecided.
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BUMP! xd surprised eek sad xp whee 4laugh rofl
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An undead knight who also fought the lich, in the ancient times... He only appears to help Finn and Jake when they face the lich, he knows all lichs weakness but he soul is trapped on earth cuz of that
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good lord bump! gonk come on, keep this thing going people! scream please... sad
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my name would be ally and i would be the princess of wolves and i am part wolf smile
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A radioactive polar bear
What's the best name for a female vampire?
It's Scarlet.
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Probably a great adventurer, evolving to be better than BILLY!!!!!! wooooo!
The wild adventure of Ooo 3nodding
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I'd be Princess Neon, who dresses all in black and has neon hair that changes colours depending on her mood.

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