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I think i would be the one who is 15(in looks), rocker , likes dark and mysterious things, and plays guitar and writes about things and is funny and chill with friends and has a crush on Marshall Lee 4laugh
i guess my name would be skully Xd
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I would be Ben, he's the emotional older brother of PB who hides in the woods, nobody knows he lives out there except for Jake and marcaline who visit him once a year. His hair is emoish looking and is made of whip cream, he has a deep grey skin color and glowing blue eyes. He also has a crush on fire princess and wears clothes that look like something you'd see on Mickey Way.
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I will b Dark Princess...My name would be Bell. she wears all black. Her hair is black and long
Shes gonna be bad at first until she sees her uncle (marcelenes dad) attacking her kingdom and then she sees finn and jake helping her and joins the good side. She hates PB because she 2 colorful
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Afro Andy; a wise-cracking, party-going adventurer with an Afro, tailored suit, and a British accent to match.
And, I'll speak in rhymes. Rhymes are fun.
i would be Princess Perfection heart
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I would be The Ice Prince. Son of the Ice King who created him to be his heir. Only problem is that he has no luck with the ladies either and just wants to adventure with Finn who doesn't trust him. I have given this a lot of though. :3
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Here it is... the picture I drew of my own adventure time character...
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Her name is Bambi.
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My character would be named Wolf Princess and she would be 15 years old. She has the personality of a wolf so is very adventuros and restless. She can be impatient and sometimes a brat but thats an average 15 year old. She had the looks of a human beside the fact that she has wolf ears, a tail and a fur bikini.
Well I would be name cause he is funny as hell and Finn is to lol
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i would be a demonic cupcake named eve, id live in the nightosphere and would plan on taking over
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I would be Calliope Fairchild AKA Callie. A 17 year old shapeshifter who has no real home. Moving around a lot and rarely staying anywhere for more then a year. When she meets the genderbender AT gang, she slowly warms up to them, thinking that maybe, just maybe she found some place she could finally call home. As luck would have it, there was a abandoned house half way between Marshall Lee's cave and Fionna and Cake's tree house. After fixing it up a bit Callie invites them all over for a house warming party, though she had only known them for a few days, Callie, Fionna and Cake were already rather close. Marshall Lee enjoyed playing pranks on her, replacing her shampoo with hair dye, making her go from a very pale blond, to a vivid blood red. When she knocked his door down and marched in, her hair flying around her and a snarl escaping her lips Marshall froze, his crimson eyes wide. The fire spilling from her electric green eyes, combined with the vividness of her blood red hair mad her look like a goddess of destruction and death. After screaming at him for an hour, Callie finally calmed down and listened to what he had to say, a blush forming on her pale face when he said that the color suited her and that she looked very beautiful. Since then Callie has formed a tiny crush on Marshall, though most of the time she wants to pummel him, her heartbeat still races when he smiles at her. Her favorite forms to take on are a silver wolf, a humming bird, butterfly, calico cat, and occasionally a small bat.

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