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I would be part bunny and have long bunny ears.just the ears and long dark brown hair. 13 and shes very shy and its hard to find her she steals but she steals so good that u wont notice. biggrin but she has two sides of her the scared of everything and very sweet part then the evil twisted part. 3nodding / twisted Her name is lightetta, cool
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I would be Heart Princess and my kingdom would be [in]famous for love potions and romantic mishaps. ^_^
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i would say i am...........chelsea a young monster yet very weak finn and jake help me out and protect me 3nodding i have brown braids that go on the sides and i have a tounge percing forced in my mouth by my abusive father in law xp
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I would Be Olivia A blonde Dragon Cat girl who carried potion bottles in my hoodies. I would hang out in trees and pull pranks. say Hi to F and J whenever they passed by in the forest. I would attempt to visit Marceline because she's like, my idol and bring her red junk i find. I would used Bmo all day all night
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I would be Princess Meena: princess over the mermaid kingdom. I would eat fish scales and be half evil, just to spice things up smile

Hey did you get that from homestuck! I love homestuck
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A dark fairy with blue eyes,skin and hair.Dress is made of flowers and leaf.Likes to hunt.
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I generally just stalk this forum but I figured I would post a OC I came up with.

Name: Lost Princess(not her real name, given by Finn and Jake some time after they found her in a piece of blue crystal in the Ice Kings kingdom)

Appearance: Very pale porcelain skin with pointed ears and a odd mark on her forehead and a scar on her cheek. She has long moon white hair and ice blue eyes and wears a tattered black shirt that looks more like a warriors bra/top now and the remains of black jeans.
She has unusually sharp looking nails and carries a sheathed sword everywhere.
It is locked shut so not even she can unsheathe it.
A leather strap around her neck attaches to the blue rock that was used to free her from the blue crystal she was found in.
She carries a pouch on her waist and was found with a sealed scroll.
( she should have a head piece but it was left behind and ice king took it)
She also has a weird piece of seemingly sentient ice blue cloth that she currently wears as handwrap on her left arm.
It seems to be able to adjust its mass, shape, and density, though other abilities are unknown.
It was created when she was released from the blue crystal.
She generally has a neutral expression on her face, and speaks in a soft voice like that of a child almost. Her emotions are mostly conveyed through her eyes.

She has no memory of anything about Ooh or any knowledge of it or the mushroom war, except for pieces of memory about the pre mushroom war times.

Race/species: Unknown and apparently no history of any being like her exists in the land of Ooh, and since she predates the mushroom war she probably was not what she is now to start with.

Age: Unknown, she cannot remember but at least as old if not older than Marceline
Due to her statement that when she was put in the crystal by a shadowy figure there were still streets and buildings and “nothing like this world I see now”.

Other info: Marcelines’s dad seems to have known about her and others like her, due to Marceline stating her dad told her about “things like her” and that “the fact that one survived the mushroom war is not surprising”
Chances are he knows something but since no one wants to visit the nightosphere what he knows may never be known.

She was in the blue crystal for a very long time, presumably through the mushroom war itself and somehow was never found until recently.

Abilities: Currently unknown besides enhanced hearing and sight and a odd ability to wield the sheathed sword she was found with(even if she cannot unsheathe it) with perfect mastery, being a amnesiac she has no idea what she can do or how she does what she does.
She is withdrawn though curious about everything and learns quickly though she is still in a state of pseudo shock due to being in a completely different world than that which she remembers.
Unfortunately due to her lack of any knowledge of Ooh she is also clueless concerning the language used, especially the terms “Mathematical” and “gob” which end up causing her to make a confused expression or stating she does not understand.
And whenever she encounters a new species or creature she freaks out or just stares and sometimes says "I wish this was a dream".

(yeah not much of a interesting character, I came up with her last week and thought that it would be interesting to have a amnesiac in the world. Especially one of unknown power, I am still fleshing her out though I have part of the way she was found in a story form/base.)

Opinions are well welcomed..
*goes back to being a closet fan*
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I would be Princess Meena: princess over the mermaid kingdom. I would eat fish scales and be half evil, just to spice things up smile

Hey did you get that from homestuck! I love homestuck

Haha what's really funny is I didn't. I have no idea what homestuck is...totally looking it up now!!!
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Probably a great adventurer, evolving to be better than BILLY!!!!!! wooooo!
The wild adventure of Ooo 3nodding

no offence, but that sort of sounds Mary-Sueish. What is this character like?
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Meet my second adventure time OC Lollipop Duchess.
I don't have art of skull princess so make due with my cutie.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
- Twenty two
- Her hair is cotton candy
- Lives in the candy kingdom on lollipop lane.
- Governs over lollipops
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I would be Snow Princess, the Ice Kings unruly niece who's always chasing after boys. She especially enjoys chasing after Finn but tends not to go as far as her hopeless uncle.
She's pretty, sneaky, wise, and light-hearted most days.
When she isn't chasing boys, she's just hanging out with them in a friend way.

Age: 14
Hair Color: Silvery White
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Skin Tone: Very pale.
Powers: Ice King-like powers- no crown required.
Hobbies: Hanging with Finn, Chasing Finn, making Finn feel uncomfortable just for laughs.
Her Kingdom: She rules over Polar Bears. When she's bored, she sometimes leads an invasion of her subjects to attack the penguins. Ice King has yet to sue for property damage and Gunter's broken arms.

User Image

Hm... Probably Tammy the tambourine girl. She travels around Ooo and sings songs. Her voice is pretty awful, but she's known more for her lyrics and the tales they tell. :3
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I don't know who I would be. maybe some kind of princess like cat princess or some half human/bird character that randomly shows up ...
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I would be Eliza, the gentle Princess of Friendship. I would spend my days making pretty and colorful gifts to give out to people to cheer up their day.

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