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Which person would you like to see Finn with?

Princess Bubblegum 0.31730769230769 31.7% [ 33 ]
Flame Princess 0.5 50.0% [ 52 ]
No one. A true adventurer needs no woman. 0.18269230769231 18.3% [ 19 ]
Total Votes:[ 104 ]
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I am just saying Princess Bubblegum seems way too obsessed with the age difference to even try. Flame Princess seems happy to just burn by him, which is adorable.
I mean Princess Bubblegum is cool and all but I don't think she is good enough for Finn. She can be mean to him and I just think she is a bit to uptight sometimes. I think Flame Princess is pretter and I say Flame Princess because I do.
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PB is in love with Marceline anywayyyyy whee

I firmly believe this as well.

Which is why I think Finn & PB would make better as friends than as a couple. But if they ver did happen, I wouldn't mind ~
So many good points for both sides!

I really adore both pairings and have a hard time deciding.
I am really sad that PB sort of strings Finn along, but I understand her reasons. It's just sad to see our beloved hero be down! That's one reason I am so glad FP has come around to distract Finn!

I am interested to see what happens.

But, really, with a hat like Finn's, I find it hard to see why PB can deny him. ;P

i toooooootally agree!!!!.......with the hat part, FP and Finn r the perfect pair!!!!!1
I truely think Flame Princess is better for Finn than Princess Bubblegum. Flame princess is finn's age, she's a sweetie and she likes finn. Pb is far too old for a thirteen year old to date and if she were ever to revert to her younger self, we'd have to deal with Lemon Grab again. I love both girls like sisters, they're riteous in their own rights but, finn needs a crush his own age and well, would we really want him to stay alone forever? NO!!! Becuase he's too darn sweet to leave alone completely!!!
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Princess Bubblegum. =x
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Princess Bubblegum. ^^
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Princess Bubblegum! heart
Physically PB
Emotionally FP
Seriously neither.

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